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  • Main Products: High strength wire, water soluble wire, conductive thread, touch screen gloves conductive thread embroidery thread, sewing thread
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  • Phone: 0086 13735689394
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  • 晶晶线业
  • Our company specializes in manufacturing and selling high-strength thread, water-soluble thread, conductive thread, touch screen glove conductive thread embroidery thread, sewing thread and all kinds of special purpose yarn. High strength wire light standing more than 500 kinds of color inventory spot, spot size is 150/3-2500 - D / 3 D / 2-210 - D / 2 D, can also according to customer needs, set twist other specifications high-strength wire, twisting, forming uniform, on line is fluent, colour and lustre is beautiful beautiful, sewing thread won the international oubiao oeko - Tex certification, ecological environmental protection, rest assured the choose and buy!!!!!!
  • Address: Shop No.41471, Street12, Floor3, Gate No.81, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 4).
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