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Factory Outlet 75MM round stainless steel compass Feng Shui compass compass compass中文版 | Report Item
Factory Outlet 75MM round stainless steel compass Feng Shui compass compass compass Factory Outlet 75MM round stainless steel compass Feng Shui compass compass compass Factory Outlet 75MM round stainless steel compass Feng Shui compass compass compass
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  • Updated : 2017-03-13 11:04
  • Compass diameter is 75MM, exquisite workmanship, accurate, available in Chinese, English selection, easy to carry
EXW Price:
Above 320pcs   1.80 yuan/pc
40pcs ~319pcs   3.00 yuan/pc
1pcs ~39pcs   5.00 yuan/pc
The above price(s) DO NOT include tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
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model: LP75

color: white

net weight: 84 grams

material: iron

Product packaging: color box

Qty: 320 / box

product size: 75MM

features: product is compact, easy to carry, suitable for office, travel, field trips, compass pointer type instrument


DSC_5603 "map"
launch calibration of compass, flat on the map, map the sight end toward the Arctic, the side of the ruler and compass or map the magnetic meridian overlap parallel make dial zero alignment red green arrow refers to the rotation marking map, this map that has been calibrated, which corresponds to the natural terrain feature.

"maintenance", and do not use
1 placed near the compass of ferromagnetic objects, high voltage lines and electromagnetic devices, to avoid errors and reduce the sensitivity of the compass.
2, when not in use, should be placed in ventilated, dry place.
3, do not throw, throw weight, etc., so as not to affect its accuracy.
4, each surface dirt, white cloth to wipe the surface available, in order to maintain the smooth surface.

The store launched all kinds of compass, magnifying mirror, a thermometer, a counter, a tripod, student laboratory microscope, telescope, pedometer, flint, aiming mirror bracket, insect viewer, hand cranked flashlight. Welcome all customers to come to order. The shop compass work fine, easy to carry. With the map is you always know their place, not only can be used for radio fox hunting, exploration, camping and other sports, also applies to the earthly branches, mad industry, forestry, investigation, irrigation and water conservancy, construction, tourism and other fields is directional, crude side necessary tools. Player's baby, go out travel partner, collection of boutique. Shop magnifying glass smooth, exquisite workmanship.

in order to provide the best quality and ease of service to the customer, the store default hair Shentong or excellent speed express, sto or excellent speed express not to regional forwarding SF express, SF courier fees to pay.

pro, our delivery time at 5 o'clock every day before the weekend as usual. Under normal circumstances, within 2-5 days after delivery can receive goods (remote area) and specific delivery time should be decided according to the different regions and the courier company, we can only guarantee the timely delivery, hope you understand!


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