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Cartoon cartoon plush toy 50g charcoal bag tie KIRs pig foam particle toys 中文版
Cartoon cartoon plush toy 50g charcoal bag tie KIRs pig foam particle toys Cartoon cartoon plush toy 50g charcoal bag tie KIRs pig foam particle toys Cartoon cartoon plush toy 50g charcoal bag tie KIRs pig foam particle toys Cartoon cartoon plush toy 50g charcoal bag tie KIRs pig foam particle toys
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  • Updated: 2018-05-03 11:36
  • Packing: single OPP bag packing whether electric: no material: cloth cloth classification: spandex fabric specifications: 28*28*10 product categories: three CIS pig brand: Yuexin modeling whether the cartoon and Animation: is
EXW Price:
Above 100pcs   ¥ 8.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Product name toy trumpet lying bamboo charcoal foam particles toy pig
product number LZB1920
price 8 yuan / month (add 50g bamboo charcoal package)
A description of the goods external material swimsuit fabric
filler foam particles
Plush features

delicate texture, soft, beautiful appearance, no hair, no pilling,

does not fade. The outstanding performance is three times of water, cotton products. The skin of

without any stimulation, no allergic.

cotton features

very good elasticity, bulkiness and strong, beautiful shape, extrusion

is not easy deformation; very easy to wash, quick drying.

maintenance neutral detergent cleaning, regular disinfection

Nano ion toy is a kind of new environmental protection toy, also known as bubble toys particles, negative ions toy, with soft and comfortable, elastic, not easy to deformation characteristics and strong permeability and fluidity and comfort. External use of swimwear fabric material made of spandex sewing, filled with tiny hollow foam particles 0.5-1MM. Nano ion toys soft texture, bright color, fine workmanship, realistic style, easy to clean, is the current popular fashionable toy. Has added 50 grams of high-quality bamboo charcoal package, bamboo charcoal texture light, porous, with a strong adsorption. charcoal bag can clean air, beautify the environment.

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