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Durable LED lamp dp - 671 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2018-09-04 15:47
  • About Product:Product features: The Product has a long life, maintenance-free, and a capacity of up to 400amh rechargeable battery
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Guangdong long measurement photoelectric technology limited company
Main Products: DP jiju, jia jia flashlight, DP, DP emergency lamp, searchlight, headlamp, electric mosquito bat, hot water bag, floodlight, horse lamp, headlamp, wind
Contacts: Luo Lianhong
Mobile: 86-15957955914
WeChat: 18958494090
Address: 16796 , 4 Street, 3 F, 27 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 2).

Product features:

The product has long life, maintenance-free, and a capacity of up to 400 amhRechargeable batteries.

Ultra long life battery,500More than one cycle charge and discharge.

Adopt energy saving, high brightness and long lifeThe led.

Light intensity is optional.

Technical indicators:

Service temperature:- 10- 40

Use ambient air humidity:& lt; 90%

Rated voltage:AC90 ~ 240 v 50/60 hz

Rated charging current:AC0.07 A0.5 W

Power of light source: 1.7W.


When charging, push the charging plug of the lamp to insert directlyAC90 ~ 240 vThe red charging indicator is on on the power socket of the lamp, indicating that the lamp is in the charging state and the charging time is about12Hours.

Fully charged, continuous 3.6about4Hours.

In use whenThe ledWhen the light goes from bright to dim, the battery tends to be fully discharged. At this time, the battery should be stopped for protection and charged in time. (should not be inThe ledWhen the lamp is not illuminated, the battery will be damaged easily and fail.

The lamp should be charged frequently, do not use for a long time. If not used frequently, please recharge the battery every three months5Hours, otherwise it will reduce battery life.

Safety matters:

Charging power supply and socket should be installed in accordance with the safety specification.

Do not use the product when charging, lest it burn outThe ledLamp or internal charging unit.

Desk lamp head do not shine on the eyes, so as not to affect the vision. (children should be used under adult supervision)

Do not let this product rain or damp.

Please keep away from inflammable and explosive goods when charging. The longest charging time shall not exceed12Hours. (charging is recommended during the day)

Quality assurance:

Product execution standard:GB7000.4-2007.. The warranty period is from the date of purchase6Months. (products damaged or burnt due to abnormal use are not included in the warranty.)

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