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EL El back light music, voice-activated light shirt made light clothes KTV
EL El back light music, voice-activated light shirt made light clothes KTV EL El back light music, voice-activated light shirt made light clothes KTV EL El back light music, voice-activated light shirt made light clothes KTV EL El back light music, voice-activated light shirt made light clothes KTV
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  • Updated: 2018-06-24 14:36
  • EL light-emitting film, EL drive three-part luminous tee-shirts and t-shirts. Ideal for entertainment, mobile advertising, night shows and corporate image, promotional purposes, can be done in bright rays t-shirt's chest or back, both beautiful and natural. Is currently a variety of large and medium sized gatherings, bars, discos.
EXW Price:
Above 500pcs   ¥ 26.00 /pc
60pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 28.00 /pc
10pcs ~59pcs   ¥ 30.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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YiwuHengchunToys(LuminescentToys with Fluorescent Rods)
Main Products: Glow stick, music, voice-activated light t-shirt, EL El, LED electronic light cheering props, Flash Toys categories.
Contacts: Tong guijuan
Mobile: 86-17369694448
E-mail: 2735966158@qq.com
WeChat: 13375793631
Address: 2159 A, 7 Street, 1 F, 16 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1).
Address: No. 2, No. 80, Xujiang Industrial Zone, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu City

elLight musictT-shirt -EL luminescent clothing, EL luminescent music T-shirt, EL audio-controlled luminescent T-shirt, EL luminescent T-shirt, LED luminescent T-shirt, music T-shirt

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Change the traditional pattern printing, the pattern of clothes is dancing with music, let you experience the fashion, alternative trend 

Product description:byelGlow,elDrive andtThe three parts of the T-shirt glowtT-shirt:

There are three or four hundred designs.

It is suitable for mobile advertising, night personality display and corporate image promotionDo inT -The front or back of the shirt, both beautiful and generous, colorful,Flash and light. Application in the sports arena, large concert's fans, the fans with a symbolic costumes, is one of the best bars, dance halls, the concert was young friends some lively appear a new clothing, such as more now become more and more company's brand promotion, gift giving, the big parties best clothing choice, for the scene to add lively atmosphere! 

I. material:Modell, the color will not fade the ball.At present, the clothes provided when not required are short sleeves and long sleeves in black, regardless of men's or women's styles, other colors, styles, quantity and patterns can be customized according to your requirements.

Code number: provided froms.toXXXL,neutralT -T-shirts for men and women

3. Sewing method of light film: there are two cold-light clothesA way to make clothes, double-sided tape and Velcro.

There are two and four7No. 1 battery power driven, according to your needs to choose

5. Washing instructions: please remove the luminescent film and drive and only clean the clothes. After the clothes are completely dry, you can reuse the film, drive, wire and clothes.

Our company has the most professional technical team and the most sincere products and services to ensure the best quality of the products, welcome to the draft to customize

Note: avoid bending the cold light sheet frequently and drawing the wire strongly. If the product is not used, please take out the battery and put it aside

Packaging information: 60One case, each weighing about 13kg, the volume of the box is 0.065

Welcome to inquire, accept wholesale and custom.

Contact person: tong guijuan tel: 0579-85281717 0579-82958377 13375793631


Bank of China card number: 6216666200000287638     Name: lei hengchun
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Free CCB card number: 6227 0733 5035 9007       Name: lei hengchun
Free ABC card number: 6228 4303 8901 9608 510 Name: lei hengchun 
Free ABC card number: 4033 6100 1257 3811       Household name: tong guijuan



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