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Black latex gloves oil resistant gloves skidproof acid-base thickening industry中文版 | Report Item
Black latex gloves oil resistant gloves skidproof acid-base thickening industry Black latex gloves oil resistant gloves skidproof acid-base thickening industry Black latex gloves oil resistant gloves skidproof acid-base thickening industry
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  • Updated : 2017-03-12 19:58
  • Model: TYH--170G name: latex gloveslength: 30 cm weight: 170 g
EXW Price:
Above 20000pcs   3.80 yuan/pc
2000pcs ~19999pcs   4.00 yuan/pc
200pcs ~1999pcs   4.20 yuan/pc
The above price(s) DO NOT include tariffs, duties, Value Added Tax (VAT), shipping charges etc.
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"Product name": latex gloves

"Product": TYH-170G

"Product": 30CM

[Product specifications]: L.M

"Material": LaTeX

"Grams": 170 g

"Color": outside black inside Orange

[Package]: a pair of a colour OPP bag, 10 pairs of a sheaf, a box of 200


 [GK.GW]: Thirty six-thirty fifths

"Function": natural rubber latex gloves, thick pure rubber tendon, acid-resistant and waterproof

Instructions for use:

1. Please avoid contact with high concentrations of organic solvents, such as oil;

2. this product is able to operate continuously in weak alkaline solution;

3. after use, leave residual acid solution is washed with water;

4. after cleaning dry, sprinkle with a small amount of talcum powder collections;

5. before and after use if found loopholes, stop using it.

This product within two days after the signing, revealing holes or damaged, you may wish to sell links (except for vandalism ) can be resolved.

This product express column with quick delivery, if necessary use another courier, please link or leave a message, others express extra costs incurred, client, photographed automatically generated delivery fees. Photographed products generally are shipped within 24 hours, if necessary order, separately, weighing dozens of kilograms or above is more than the whole of, are based on the mode of shipment, logistics costs to pay, if there is objection, to contact customer service.

B/f, Yiwu international trade city gate 38th 8 14998 contact: Guo Tieying Tel: 18957907208 QQ:417979381

Customer service: Click here to give me a message

This product is a real shooting, color color, that's inevitable, everyone's screens come in different colors, if you have special requirements for color, please carefully consider, in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

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