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120g white corrugated cardboard factory outlet on the second floor g pit good pressure resistance 中文版| Report Item
120g white corrugated cardboard factory outlet on the second floor g pit good pressure resistance 120g white corrugated cardboard factory outlet on the second floor g pit good pressure resistance
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  • Updated: 2017-03-07 14:40
  • About Product:Customized processing: type: flat plate specifications: 787*1200/889*1200 (mm) type: g application: packaging supplies: origin: Zhejiang weight: 120 (g/m2) thickness: 1 (mm): 96 (g*cm) burst-100 (%) color: white output: 200,000 m²
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The enterprise products can be divided into 4 major categories: (corrugated sheets, blister Neto, foam-lined, corrugated liner)

Corrugated paper is widely used: for cosmetic packaging/Neto, craft gift box, cake box packaging/Neto in the box, wine box, gift box, jewelry box, jewelry box, food packaging, metal packaging, electronics and other products lining package


A: the corrugated lining (paper liners)

1. the paper liner is placed in the box fixed inside the bottle, customers need to provide the corresponding box bottle we will design for you beautiful, affordable sample liners

2. the enterprise engaged in corrugated liner packaging for a dozen years, tray liner stencil also has thousands of employees paid. Has a solid foundation and sound operating procedures by any test, definitely worthy of our trust. Manufacturers are welcome to come to counseling!


Second: corrugated cardboard

(1) our products include: colored corrugated paper series (f, e), three-layer cardboard, three-layer leather can be customized according to customer requirements (size, thickness, color).

(2) colored corrugated paper, White Pearl, mainly in primary colors, ink printing, smooth three categories, respectively, e f pits two grooves and pits;


  Our products are colorful and diverse, very strong, good pressure resistance; according to different colors, quantitative (weight), size and demand requirements.


Three: corrugated paper specifications

1. weight: divided into 80g, 100g, 120g, 110g (black), 175g (leather)


2. Specifications: 787 mm *1200 mm, 889 mm *1200 mm, ex stock. 787 and 889 is a fixed size, length can be customized according to customer needs. (For example, 787*300, 889*500, etc)


3. outsourcing products will be wrapped in single kraft paper, 50 sheets per pack.


4. Grooves: Parallel to 787 mm high/889: E: 1.14mm~1.17mm, f: 0.63mm~0.73mm.





1. unfavorable weight, folds;

2. long storage requires a sealed package;

3. exposure to the Sun, store where not wet paper into the water will soften.

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