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【SUNNY BAMBOO Factory Direct Sales】Handmade Carbonized Double-Row Chopstick Cage 中文版

【SUNNY BAMBOO Factory Direct Sales】Handmade Carbonized Double-Row Chopstick Cage

【SUNNY BAMBOO Factory Direct Sales】Handmade Carbonized Double-Row Chopstick Cage 【SUNNY BAMBOO Factory Direct Sales】Handmade Carbonized Double-Row Chopstick Cage 【SUNNY BAMBOO Factory Direct Sales】Handmade Carbonized Double-Row Chopstick Cage 【SUNNY BAMBOO Factory Direct Sales】Handmade Carbonized Double-Row Chopstick Cage
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  • Updated: 2023-05-06 16:39
  • About Product:Chopsticks Carbide factory direct r hand made cages double row chopsticks with bamboo products
EXW Price:
100pcs ~999pcs   CN ¥ 7.5 /pc
1000pcs ~4999pcs   CN ¥ 7.2 /pc
Above 5000pcs   CN ¥ 6.7 /pc
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Batch from 1 piece Self-developed, self-produced and self-sold quality assurance

【Name】: Handmade carbonized chopsticks cage double row chopsticks cage bamboo fine
【Material】:Nan bamboo 
Specifications】:19x14x7 CM 

Bamboo material by high temperature, high pressure bamboo fiber will coke into bronze or similar to coffee color, after carbonization of the surface hardness of the bamboo material also doubled, which is the advantage of the carbon color technology
 The unique round hole can be hung design, highlighting our careful consideration for each consumer. Hang it up or place it in any position you like, it's up to you...
 This bamboo chopsticks cage has a drainage trough at the bottom to fundamentally solve the problem of moldy chopsticks! You deserve it if you love your kitchen!
Nan bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials on the market. The new material of pure natural bamboo is more suitable for modern home decoration trend, after special carbonization treatment of bamboo, not only hard, wear-resistant, easy to clean, easy to maintain, and antique, unique. The grade of the product is really not pine, cedar can be compared to the use of bamboo durable.

1, a wide range of materials, natural environmental protection: because bamboo 5-6 years can become timber, short growth cycle, strong regeneration, is a high-quality alternative to solid wood materials; bamboo in the splicing shape using natural resin glue, to avoid the harm of formaldehyde on the human body, beneficial to human health.

2、No cracking, no deformation, to prevent insects: because the processing method of bamboo is thick bamboo peeled and cut into regular bamboo strips, through a special process of high-pressure glue, vertical and horizontal into panels, the whole process to go through more than 30 procedures; after treatment of bamboo furniture does not crack, no deformation, no glue; bamboo in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment can completely kill insect eggs, plus the top coat, effectively prevent insects.

3、Carbonization treatment, unchanging color: take carbonization treatment, plus environmental protection varnish, the color is the color after carbonization, the color structure is very stable, will not happen again color change.

4, with ornamental value, adding cultural flavor: bamboo furniture as a practical household items, but also has a fairly high ornamental, its fine and uniform texture, so that people not only have a pleasant return to nature, but also can feel the traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere.

5, a long history, good quality: the use of bamboo in China has a history of thousands of years, from the ancients to record the text of bamboo to life in the bamboo chair, bamboo bed, bamboo baskets, etc., especially in the last two decades of in-depth development and utilization, the use of bamboo has developed into a new industry. Because of its unique texture and hard texture, bamboo is increasingly used in the processing of high-quality flooring, furniture and crafts, etc.

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