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Earpick led Ershao battery size spoon tweezers suit 中文版| Report Item
Earpick led Ershao battery size spoon tweezers suit Earpick led Ershao battery size spoon tweezers suit Earpick led Ershao battery size spoon tweezers suit
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  • Updated: 2017-03-13 10:49
  • Using method: 1. this paragraph most new glow ear spoon just light pushed left switch, ear spoon of spoon Department on can automatically glow, can clear to see ear internal, convenient security; 2. equipped with of dug ear spoon has weight II species, can adapted adults and child ear size different of needs; 3. equipped with of tweezers also can glow, can for clip take larger of wax. 4. as long as will transparent of dug ear spoon or tweezers, accessories remove, can Dang flashlight using. 5. accessories without Shi can hid Yu dug ear spoon tail of cheese in, and cover Shang cover, For easy storage. safe, convenient, and is a good helper in your life!
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product model:
1) earpick function: traditional dug Ershao because I do not know the depth, very easy to damage the ear, if there is a bunch of small condenser that is see was clear, thickness of 2 kinds of ear dig and tweezers, safe and convenient.
) 2 flashlight function: the earpick is not inserted, can be directly used as flashlight.

special design: the torch, coarse and fine earpick earpick, tweezers, parts storage five in one.

and a thickness of 2 curette tweezers, convenient use and safe. When the rear cover open without hand grasp, will head the 2 dug into them, then take out time.

Method of use:
1, when used to push the switch, the earpick the Department will be able to use light, easy to observe the inner ear;
2, dug Ershao large and small two, adults and children can be adapted to the needs of different size ears;
3 tweezers can be used for gripping large wax;
4, as long as the transparent earpick or tweezers and other accessories removed, can be used as flashlight;
5 accessories, when not in use, can be hidden in the earpick tail of the cheese in and push on the cover, easy to store;
6, after use, must turn off the lights, if not used for a long time, please take out the battery to avoid battery leakage, damage to the product;
7, this product uses high energy small batteries, batteries opened when the battery cover, can replace the battery.

mothers have such experience: give the child ears when particularly afraid of hurt delicate baby. This full transparent material, workmanship exquisite earpick with blue light, for future family dig ears will not see clearly impossible to start with.

baby or family dig ears don't have to worry about hurting him!

In Section 3, power batteries, toggle switch, you can light! It's convenient for you to see what's in your ear more clearly. Its size is only 14cm, the use of more convenient.

traditional dug Ershao because I do not know the depth, it is easy to damage the ears, if there is a bunch of small condenser that see clear, thickness of 2 kinds of ear dig, safe and convenient. When not the earpick cover open, will head the three dug into them, to use and then removed. Convenient and safe for you and your baby are broken!

personal care good helper Oh ~~~~~~

note: if not bright can opened for cell components of 3 button batteries a little, may be the delivery way bumps along the road leading to poor contact, also has the possibility is above the battery with glue, use hand wipe can be.

colors: green, white, red (color mix)


G.W: 19 KGS

N.W: 20 KGS


day delivery: Jiangsu express a box of 18 yuan

Note: luminous earpick earpick can be printed LOGO 1000. Can mix color

Jiangsu express by weight. freight courier guests.

Jiangsu express by weight. freight courier guests. Freight to pay.

contact customer service to freight.


mobile phone: 13645790 543

description of goods;

[14*1.5*1cm] product size

[0.019kg] net products

[0.009kg] gross product

[packing size] 19*7*1.5cm

[ 1000/ ] packing box

[60*37*56cm] carton size

[products]: specially designed: flashlight, coarse earpick, fine earpick spoon, tweezers, spare parts storage five.
traditional dug Ershao because I do not know the depth, it is easy to damage the ears, if there is a bunch of small condenser that see clear.
thickness 2 curette and tweezers, convenient and safe. Don't hand back cover open 2 Bing, a digging head inside, and then removed by .

[Methods]: when in use, only to turn on the switch can be, earpick ministry spoon to light, easy to observe the inner ear; earpick with coarse and fine, can adapt to the needs of children and adults with different size ears.

design concept:

1. this product is refined using a special transparent material, exquisite packaging, little and dainty, smooth and transparent.

Through a converging beam 2. macrocephalum, can clearly see in the ear, will not damage the eardrums, the latest styles, more convenient and safe.

3. especially in the home of the baby, the fast development of the body, of course, there are many times the number of digging, with it you can rest assured that.

photographed that can explain, otherwise please don't place an order, in order to avoid all unnecessary trouble.

because now is the peak season for this product, the allocation of supply relatively tight, delivery time general in 2-3 working days after payment is about to issued. We will try our best to have the goods.

Please note receipt details' logistics freight to pay . Courier charges are guests. courier is according to the weight calculation courier delivery we are ordinary trucks and freight across the country, ranging from general a box of goods, 20 yuan or so, the city's transit may will be higher than 5 yuan, 10 yuan or so. As the time distance 5-10 days, some counties may be slow. Logistics are not door-to-door to go to the location of the logistics company to extract the goods. Due to the special nature of the logistics, the arrival time do not guarantee any, please before payment to carefully read receipt note: trouble you (or your client representations) for the delivery of the goods, please open the carton check punter sign, because the signature means that there is no problem with the goods. If you sign up for the problem please contact us or in the logistics records on the list. If the logistics personnel requirements after the signing to open the carton, please sign the word when his open packet inspection. After the departure of the goods without inspection, if you find that there is a problem (mainly parts damaged, water leakage, damage, deformation, the number of empty boxes, etc.), the company will no longer bear the responsibility. Disputes caused by the buyer is responsible for. Your cooperation is responsible for you, but also for us.

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