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Large LED rod / bar / electronic love stick flash stick concert bar KTV luminous cheer toys 中文版|

Large LED rod / bar / electronic love stick flash stick concert bar KTV luminous cheer toys

Large LED rod / bar / electronic love stick flash stick concert bar KTV luminous cheer toys Large LED rod / bar / electronic love stick flash stick concert bar KTV luminous cheer toys Large LED rod / bar / electronic love stick flash stick concert bar KTV luminous cheer toys Large LED rod / bar / electronic love stick flash stick concert bar KTV luminous cheer toys
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  • Updated: 2022-11-24 15:04
  • About Product:Product Name: plane star flash stick (printable LOGO)
EXW Price:
Above 3000pcs   ¥ 2.40 /pc
300pcs ~2999pcs   ¥ 2.50 /pc
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Product Name: plane star flash stick (printable LOGO)
product specifications: 38*15.5*2.5cm
packing: OPP bag single
carton: 80*40*70cm

Qty: 10 pack 300 / a box

Please carefully read the contract < >, photographed by agree to the following terms!


1 contract on the delivery:
? A pre orders please contact our customer service staff, to confirm whether the desired product is available.
? B order please contact the customer to modify the freight, recommend logistics, freight, general freight we only estimate, only for reference, or according to the actual charges for freight station!!
? C after a single payment will arrange the shipment as soon as possible to contact the manufacturers, I hope you understand! If there are other unexpected situations, we will want to inform the message, please note! About 2

? A all products are through post production, before the issue of several examination, fully qualified before delivery, but all kinds of uncertain factors will lead to loss of products, we can only ensure the qualified rate of 92%, 8% is the scope of exemption.
? B light, shooting and other factors could lead to slightly different pictures and objects. Due to market changes and other factors, the plant may adjust the product and the packaging of the color, packaging, etc., please prevail.
? C our high quality and inexpensive toys, value for money Oh, some buyers after the receipt of goodsthatwork some rough, flawed, not a good material, and imagine different and so on, but these are not a quality problem, no matter what stuff are not perfect ten us, each of our products are making plans to upload station too picky buyers, please forgive me, buy when you consider and see the unknown. Please consult us...

3 on the sign
? Please be sure to check the quantity of the goods, the packaging is intact. If there is a lack of damage, please face to face and logistics company to settle the compensation. If there is no check sign ratings for the acceptance of the goods without objection. If you have any questions, we are not responsible.
? Please (or other collection of goods people) and be sure to express logistics staff together to check the quantity and appearance of goods (this is your right), such as the number of wrong or appearance damage, please courier signature confirmation.

4 on transport
? Transport is completed by the third party logistics company, we cannot control. Transport time by the weather, vehicle arrangements, transportation conditions and many other factors, we and your estimated time of transport, for reference only, not as the contents of the contract, nor as a reason to return.
? We cannot control the logistics company, our customer service staff are given the time of arrival is in accordance with an approximate time normally estimated, we can not guarantee that the goods to the customer can arrive at what time, what we can do is as soon as possible to send out goods to the goods arrive too late receipt or refused to return, we are determined not to be accepted. So please buyers especially cautious buyers are in urgent need of the goods and remote areas buyers consider time risk in the purchase before, please also respect our work, different from the wholesale Taobao Taobao, only a small package, and the need to use a variety of different goods wholesale together packing, each shipment contains our customer service staff, staff, packaging personnel, delivery personnel common hard work, but there are very few bad customers have been issued in the goods, even have safe arrival at the destination, but not receiving, do not match, just request a refund for this situation, the customer must bear the cost of goods, and will play 30 percent off a refund, because we have also sent back to pick up, then must be the product of a classified.

about 5
A damage: customer service? Due to transportation cause damage responsibility borne by our company (not recommended to choose such insurance Debon, Jiaji logistics). But we have the obligation to do everything possible to help customers solve this problem, we will use the logistics double layer packaging, cushion cushion, compact and other way to avoid the occurrence of damage. Please be sure to check the quantity and appearance (this is your right), such as the number of people and the appearance of the goods, please sign the confirmation of the signature.

B return?: We will not accept returns (due to the quality problem of the products factory can negotiate a replacement, but the resulting transport costs need to be responsible by the buyer, all our quotations are without any cost of the ex factory price)

? Because of the particularity of toy products, and home appliance products can not be compared, so I sold all our the toys are not implement three policies, such as the use of the following issues, we do not assume any responsibility, as in our range, will help to solve these problems, but all the charges borne by the customer. Special products according to our customer service staff and customers to reach the relevant agreements.

? Most products are available through the replacement of batteries, battery placement, thread connection... Etc. a simple way to solve, buyers can consult our maintenance toys, selling toys to repair toys oh.

? If other sales is not good, not good imagination, without a right of unauthorized repair or modification, not according to the normal method of use or storage, or for reasons beyond the period of service customer service products are not familiar with the operation result is not in place... Etc. the product itself quality problems, we will not provide return!

? Please carefully read the above terms, come into effect since the order of. If there is any objection, please contact our staff to confirm the order.
? Better quality, more favorable price is our unremitting efforts to the goal! Hope that our hard work can get everyone's understanding and recognition! Finally I wish you a happy shopping!

goods in this shop, take time to date, from 14 in the afternoon after the shot, all the next day after delivery.

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