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EGO-T CE5 electronic cigarette cheap high quality gifts preferred 中文版| Report Item
EGO-T CE5 electronic cigarette cheap high quality gifts preferred EGO-T CE5 electronic cigarette cheap high quality gifts preferred EGO-T CE5 electronic cigarette cheap high quality gifts preferred
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  • Updated: 2017-03-16 15:30
  • Electronic cigarette quality, cheap, welcome to buy
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Common problems: electronic cigarette electronic cigarette
1 just to get to the first charge? Answer:
electronic cigarette to get goods, to see the actual situation, most of them are not power, but a few manufacturers in order to detect had been charged, so the quantity of electricity. Customers to use the remaining battery power, and then charge.
2 electronic cigarette smoke taste and really taste the same? Is it different? Answer:
smoke bomb is the cigarette holder, main ingredient is tobacco smoke bombs. The smoke bomb is good with the tobacco manufacturers. Simple to understand, the smoke bomb is finished, can be used directly, and the smoke is semi-finished products, you need to add to use. Do not place the sun under the sun, stored in a cool place, if the smoke has been opened, it is best to use within 30 days, so as not to affect the taste. How to deal with when
3 electronic cigarette not? Answer: when
electronic cigarettes do not smoke, do not remove the smoke bombs, just put the atomizer and the battery rotating loose, do not have to separate, so as to ensure no loss of power.
4 electronic cigarette flavors are the same and the smoke really? Answer:
electronic cigarette smoke taste simulation is really smoke taste, so there are some differences in taste and really smoke. Under normal circumstances, the initial use of the customer after a period of time to adapt! Harm
5 electronic cigarette for people? Answer:
electronic cigarette is extracted from propylene glycol, glycerol from tobacco leaves using high-tech extraction technology, can fully reflect the tobacco aroma of pure natural essential oil, and after special treatment by atomization. Contains nicotine replacement liquid smoke, but does not contain toxic to the human body like a real cigarette tar in carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, acrolein, arsenic, mercury, mercury and other harmful substances. The liquid smoke extract only harmless to the human body, but also reflects the unique aroma of tobacco, can satisfy both the habit and not to affect the health of smokers' needs.

6 your product can quit smoking, how long can you quit smoking? Answer:
electronic cigarette is a good substitute of tobacco, can play the role of smoking cessation. The principle of product use is internationally recognized as a nicotine replacement therapy. To quit smoking, you need to smoke, with personal will, to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Why
7 electronic cigarette price difference so big? Answer:
electronic cigarette is mainly composed of a battery, atomizer, and some accessories, the price depends on the materials quality. 8
a smoke bomb can suck the long time?
answer: a smoke bomb is equivalent to 7 ordinary smoke.
9 batteries can with ordinary batteries? Answer: not
. The battery used for atomizing electronic cigarette is a special lithium battery, and the working voltage is 3.7V-4.2V, which can not be used with common batteries. (size and number 7 is similar to 10)
said what when the battery needs to be charged?
answer: a fully charged battery can support a smoke bomb, when the front end of the cigarette rod light flashing frequency is faster, it needs to be charged. How long is the life of smoke bombs
11 under normal circumstances? How long shelf life? Answer:
smoke bombs life-span for a week for a period of 2 years.
12 fluid (oil) phenomenon and the explanation
answer: at present, smoking causes fluid: 1 core atomization insufficient atomization resulting in residual liquid smoke inlet outflow from improper operation led to 2 customer core atomization does not work properly, non formal methods with liquid atomization; 3 core and mouthpiece connection there is a gap, do not seal. So there will be fluid to a certain extent, but will not affect the use of the product, customers are advised when not in use, a set of separate silica gel, which can effectively prevent the outflow of liquid smoke from the gap.

13 how long is your electronic cigarette? Answer:
electronic cigarette smoke and divided into rod atomizer, cigarette rod can be used repeatedly for a long time, but each part of life is not the same, one atomizer is directly replaced, titanium metal, effectively prolong the service time, the specific time is and the usage and maintenance of a
Yanju very much 14 head of atomization and mouthpiece long change? Answer:
an atomizer normal replacement time for 7~30 days, the cigarette holder is generally does not need to be changed, when the frequency of use is more, a badly worn, can be considered a new

15 why smoke liquid will suck in the mouth?
answer: in the use of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette battery need the down, not really like that up in smoke suction; suction when the attention light absorption slow absorption, because when the liquid smoke cigarette holder in less time, smoke too much too fast, the small amount of liquid smoke cigarette holder with gas flow into the mouth.

161 bottles of oil can be pumped? If
according to normal pumping a real cigarette 15 frequency calculation, 1 bottles of 10ml liquid smoke is equivalent to an ordinary real smoke 5 packs of cigarettes smoke. If 1 packs of cigarettes a day, then the use of 1 bottles of liquid smoke can be used about 5 days.

electronic cigarette maintenance:

(1) the use of electronic cigarettes or smokeless bomb for the first time after a period of time, be sure to load new smoke bombs and wait a few minutes to permeate the smoke. No solution, the use of electronic cigarettes is easy to damage the atomizer.
(2) a common smoke about sucked 15 or so, advise users to electronic cigarettes 14-16 after stopping half an hour, and then sucked.
(3) first charge after 3 hours each time rushed to the lights turned green can be used before.
(4) to prohibit the direct inhalation of smoke fluid smoke in direct contact with oral liquid smoke, excessive, easy to stimulate the oral mucosa.
(5) please send the electronic cigarette and smoke fluid smoke on children is not easy to reach.

(6) liquid smoke bomb should be kept in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, use within 12 months.

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