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2017 new cute reindeer Santa Claus Silicone Sheets 中文版| Report Item
2017 new cute reindeer Santa Claus Silicone Sheets 2017 new cute reindeer Santa Claus Silicone Sheets 2017 new cute reindeer Santa Claus Silicone Sheets
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  • Updated: 2017-10-14 16:18
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EXW Price:
Above 500pcs   ¥ 6.00 /pc
100pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 7.00 /pc
10pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 8.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Shopkeeper physical shooting
Express: shop default courier toIn the pass, rhyme
Less than or need to have other courier pro trouble contact customer service note! The

Buyer Notice
Commodity style and color: on the style and color issues, when the system is the default hairMixed, If there are special requirements of friends, you can indicate that we will try to pick you according to your request, but sometimes selling goods out of stock, which is inevitable, I hope we can accommodate, understand the next. We will be the same price with the latest series of models to your delivery. & Nbsp; please understand!
Commodity quality: the goods sold by the company are taken in kind, may be due to light or computer screen display problems Some goods have a little color, this is not a quality problem. As the company operating the goods for the high-end goods, style, the number of large, it will inevitably have some minor problems. If you have any questions about the goods you have received, please contact us in time. We are willing to 100% for you to solve any problems. I hope every customer can shop in the home happy!
Missing (the number of goods received less than): Please receive the goods and transport companies face to face the number of inventory, if any missing, please transport company signature confirmation, we will find the delivery company compensation, and compensation for your missing part. Please inform us of your missing quantity within 24 hours after receipt. We will work with you to verify the quantity and try your best to help you solve the problem. If you have not counted or have not promptly informed us of the number of missing, will be considered the correct number.
Damage: Damage caused by shipping reasons will not be borne by the Division I. But we are obliged to do everything we can to help our customers solve this problem.
1, courier refused to open the inspection together
Solution: courier single after you sign to get good, to check and then returned to the courier
2, courier refused to sign to confirm the number of missing
Solution: You can write down his phone and name
3, courier back to the damaged goods to receive fast delivery fee
The solution: you advance, we will make up for you
Please read the above carefully, which is very important to you, if you can not do the above action, the problems we will be very sorry, we can not do anything.

● Because the resolution of the computer monitor is different, the color may be different.


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