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New stylish double shell black leather belt series creative window fashion watch 9 中文版
New stylish double shell black leather belt series creative window fashion watch 9 New stylish double shell black leather belt series creative window fashion watch 9 New stylish double shell black leather belt series creative window fashion watch 9 New stylish double shell black leather belt series creative window fashion watch 9
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  • Updated: 2018-05-31 15:10
EXW Price:
Above 300pcs   ¥ 9.20 /pc
100pcs ~299pcs   ¥ 9.80 /pc
10pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 11.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Bettenman's watch.
Main Products: Watch men and women fashion watch led watches couple table
Contacts: Gong Junhui
Mobile: 13575955520
E-mail: 349666018@qq.com
WeChat: 13575955520
Address: 18844A, 11 Street, 3F, 48 Gate, G4-International Trade Mart (District 2),Yiwu,China


what is the shipping date:
Our products are produced for sale, manufacturers supply, quality assurance, affordable. Our online sales and store operations, product design diversity. Support small batch of mixed orders, we receive payment within 48 hours of delivery, in case of special circumstances allow us to postpone delivery; sample production, order-made depending on the specific requirements and circumstances, you must pay the part Deposit (10% ~ 30%), we receive a single deposit after the production. If you need to change literal, add the company LOGO as a gift, the number of single need more than 500 to make! Due to the rapid changes in the number of daily inventory of goods, so we guarantee the style based on your color to meet the requirements, such as the color you want out of stock We will contact you, I hope you agree to make the appropriate changes, please forgive the inconvenience !
Freight Express Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the first heavy 6 yuan, continued weight 1 yuan per kilogram; Express outside the province generally from 8-15 per month (except for remote areas), depending on the specific circumstances of your order weight decision. The delivery of hair for large hair, the general proposed small courier delivery. Express Zhejiang and Shanghai generally 1-2 days can arrive, the general arrival of three or four days outside the province, remote areas generally 5-7 days.
& nbsp; After-sales service: 1.Please check before receiving the goods and found that there are problems or doubts call us immediately, in line with the requirements of the order and then sign, if you encounter any situation in time to contact us. 2. Damage caused during transport, generally we only provide replacement, can not be refunded; shipping your return shipping, we send you the freight we assume (domestic); 3. delivery within one month of quality problems Of the watch can provide replacement or repair, freight you take care of themselves; 4. Because of meager profits, please put together the problem of goods to deal with one-time, do not find the problem for one, find the problem and then change, if quality problems, one Pen Order We only provide shipping once, so please make reasonable use of after-sales resources; 5. Because of our large number of products, fast circulation, it is difficult to do one by one on thousands of pieces of goods opened carefully examined, any product has a certain percentage of defects rate. Therefore, the baby has a slight flaw is inevitable. Wholesale customers themselves are also retail sellers, hoping to understand a lot.
important! ! ! ! ! (1): a few dollars of the product can not counter tens of dollars, hundreds of thousands of genuine compared to, after all, we are not monopoly, I think if you take a magnifying glass to go shopping, anything can pick flaws, For customers with very harsh quality, please make a detour! ! ! ! Thank you (2): Watches are generally taken in kind, because the monitor will inevitably be different pictures of some color, hope customers are sorry! (3): unless there are quality problems, the restaurant does not accept any because they do not like, and imagine the same, wear bad-looking, such as no reason to return. Everyone's imagination are unlimited, unable to meet, please prevail in kind
How to contact us: Tel: 13575955520 (24 hours boot) Enterprise QQ: 349666018 E-mail: 349666018@qq.com

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