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The revolving gift of colored paint pen is used to promote the ball pen office stationery advertising LOGO customization 中文版|

The revolving gift of colored paint pen is used to promote the ball pen office stationery advertising LOGO customization

The revolving gift of colored paint pen is used to promote the ball pen office stationery advertising LOGO customization The revolving gift of colored paint pen is used to promote the ball pen office stationery advertising LOGO customization The revolving gift of colored paint pen is used to promote the ball pen office stationery advertising LOGO customization The revolving gift of colored paint pen is used to promote the ball pen office stationery advertising LOGO customization
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  • Updated: 2021-07-03 10:56
  • About Product:CY - 6819 rotary ball pen pen is adopt ABS, AS new production material, not easy craze, spray CaiQi penholder, hook, electroplating pen, ball-point pen ink by Shanghai printing ink, antioxidant do not fade, not under the influence of water, writing smooth smooth, the color bright, durable not easy to dry, penholder, hook can be printed LOGO
EXW Price:
Above 999999pcs   ¥ 0.55 /pc
50000pcs ~999998pcs   ¥ 0.57 /pc
10000pcs ~49999pcs   ¥ 0.59 /pc
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The following products are all live-action, without any of themPS!Because of the difference between light and monitor, the color of the picture changes a little bit, and the physical object!

 The product pictures are not approved by the company, please do not duplicate the use, all pictures have original preservation, thank you cooperation!!!

=== product introduction ===

Product model:Cy-6819 painted pen rotary ball pen

With unit:

Length: 141 mm

Functions: study, office, writing, advertising giveaway

Outer box size: 45*30*40CM

Single gram weight: 9.8G

Packing method: 100 pieces/OPP, 2000 pieces/pieces

Gross/net weight: 20.6/19.6KGS 

Printing: transfer

Material: the AS ABS material

Surface treatment: paint brush strokes

Will:Ballpoint pen core

Price: general stability, material cost change and change

Product description:Spray paint brush rod, hook, electroplated pen, pen, hook can print the LOGO.


The company hastenYears of production history, is a pen - led, set scientific research design, mold production, product injection molding, pen - core manufacturing as one of the professional pen manufacturers. Professional production of high quality, office, learning, ballpoint pens, neutral pens, gift pens, advertising pens, promotional pens, whiteboard pens, blackboard pens, marker pens, fluorescent pens, etc. At the same time withChina cypress stationery co., LTD\", with the strength of the abundant technical force and advanced production equipment, complete product specifications, wide variety, good quality, affordable and reasonable prices, excellent service and domestic and foreign many enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation. And long term for the new and old customers at home and abroadoenManufacturing, advertising pen processing. Our products are deeply appreciated by customers at home and abroad! If you would like to know more about product information, please contact us directlyQQ/micro letter:597399204 429292560Or telephone0579-85162557 13173860807 Building. contact.

Company website:http://ywchengyangbiye.1688.com    

= = = = Purchase notes ===

cy-6819 painted brush rod rotary ball pen material with new ABS, AS production, not easy to crack,Spray paint strokes, hooks, electroplated nibs,The ballpoint pen core adopts Shanghai ink, the oxidation is not discolored, the water is not changed, the writing smooth and smooth, the color is bright, durable not easy to dry, the pen stick, the hook can print the LOGO

1, the price     G: the best price is available

2. Color of the brush core: black, blue, red,

3. Core specification: normal core (0.7mm) The 0.8 mm 1.0 mm)

4. Packaging: pack, carton packing, foreign trade packaging, ordinary packing

5. Delivery date: the quantity ordered, usually within 25 days.

6. Payment terms:30 percent of the time you sign a contract, balance70%After the goods are finished, make sure the pictures are taken and paid off before delivery. (supporting the alipay transaction)


7. Sample policy: the existing samples are provided free of charge, and the delivery fee is paid

8. Printing requirements: design and print the LOGO according to customer's requirements

9, printing costs: color printing is 0.02 yuan, color printing first look at the actual LOGO charge again, plate-making cost 50 yuan per color (more than 100000 exemption), proofing fee: RMB 300 yuan, proofing time 5 to 7 days (mantle plate making fee: RMB 400 / color, add boot fee: 400 yuan, the time to be determined).

10: our principle: quality first, small profit, good faith business and good faith business.

11: we warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate with us.


12: [special instructions] : all the goods in this store are manufactured by the manufacturer to ensure the lowest price and the best service to the customers.

About the goods price/product delivery/product check-in/after-sales service/trading method



Logistics mode: because of the large item goods, so generally not express delivery, only logistics. If you need a small sample or a small amount of purchase, you can send it by express. transport






Charge to pay! (the cost is for the buyer)


1. It is more impossible to package the mail without negotiation. We are all small profit. Please do not haggle, save the precious time!


We are usuallyEvery day express and send sf expressAlong abundant express delivery, the price is high, the time is on time, (can also according to customer request to send other express company, big can send you logistics), the number is we promise delivery within 24 hours, but does not guarantee the arrival time. (because Courier and logistics are out of our control)


When making a product, please indicate which express company or logistics is required.


4. Please note that we have the right to close the transaction within 36 hours of the production of the product, please kindly understand.


5. Please contact us by phone first, don't call at the designated place, so as not to let everyone go white, try to pick up the goods at the edge of our market.


6. After you have taken the product, the product quantity is not large. We will ship the goods within 24 hours. We will strictly control the products and ensure the quality.(depending on quantity and delivery time)


7. When you receive the goods, please try to inspect the boxes or cartons in front of the express staff. If there is any problem with the quantity or quality, please contact us immediately and we will make replacement and replacement for you.


8. When the buyer is satisfied with our service and product quality after receiving the goods, please give us a favorable comment. This will be the best encouragement for us to serve our customers better. If you are dissatisfied, please don't give us any comments or comments. Thank you! You can communicate with us, and I believe we will give you a satisfactory reply!


9. It is recommended to use the alipay transaction for your benefit and confidence.


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