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Transparent automatic bubble gun with lighting music bubble toys 中文版| Report Item
Transparent automatic bubble gun with lighting music bubble toys Transparent automatic bubble gun with lighting music bubble toys
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  • Updated: 2018-06-07 17:02
  • Suggested retail price: RMB 30.00 material: plastic/plastic function: flash, music/voice origin: zhejiang brand: double wei: the article number of the m - 11 categories: gun specifications: water gun control mode: force control whether electric: is a mode of power supply: battery is multi-purpose: is processing custom: is the processing way: whether to sample customization: foreign trade is a type of foreign trade: exports applicable age: infants (0-2 years of age) guide if there is a video: whether is dedicated to foreign trade: is (this goods for trade purposes, only could do not accord with standard of domestic products. Main downstream platforms: aliexpress, amazon's main sales areas:
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 The new style has been improved and upgraded to replace the old style quality. The new and old customers are confident to buy it

New style physical drawing


 I have operation video here


Product name: fully automatic transparent lighting music bubble gun

[product size]15 * 17 * 6 cm

Non-toxic safety plastics and electronic components

[product outer box specifications]66 * 40 * 61 cm   Packing number: 96

[product packaging] insert plate

[product accessories] bubble gun1Branch, bubble water1bottle

Own 3 no. 5 batteries



         [product details]











Bubble gun special instructions:


When installing the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative signs on the battery cover. Two positive poles up, one positive pole down.


The first time the new bubble gun is used, the trigger must be pulled until the bubble water comes out of the nozzle, and then the bubble will come out.


Never tilt or turn the nozzle upside down when you use it, because the nozzle has a residual water recovery device. If the tilt is too large or inverted, the bubble water will flow out. The fully automatic bubble gun is like this. Please don't misunderstand the quality problem.



4, when the battery is insufficient, a mother found that bubbles out won't disconnect, blows to the big will not break, so play to ensure the best battery whether there is enough...


Bubble gun usage profile loading3Grain 5 battery, the bubble liquid bottle on the gun body, pull the trigger, the gun body3Flashing lights on, a string of colorful bubbles flew out, there is a small bubble the exit lamp, got out of the bubble in emit colored light below the illuminate of lamplight, play in the evening is cool.

The fully transparent design of bubble gun makes the work of bubble gun easy to see. It is so interesting to see the bubble liquid enter the gun through a transparent straw and turn into a series of bubbles. It is beautifully made and comes with a bottle of bubble liquid. It's a good deal


Press the trigger and the bubble gun will sing a wonderful music! At the same time, its mouth will emit beautiful colorful bubbles! The product comes with a bottle of bubble water.


Such lovely, fun products can not be missed! I believe your baby will love it very much!!




1Sufficient batteries shall be used


2, slightly lower the head of the gun when it is first used, shorten the time of pumping to the head of the gun, and speed up the bubble time


3When the bubbles start, the gun is slightly upwards


4Do not tilt up and down at a large Angle or use a large amount of rapid swing, easy to cause bubble water leakage


[use tips]


When blowing bubbles not free


1Loosen the trigger and pull it again


2Observe the dripping of bubble water back to the bubble water bottle. If too much drops fall, the head of the gun will be slightly upwards; if too little drops fall, the head of the gun will be slightly downwards.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:Why is there no screw on the bottom battery cover?


A: this is the case with all the goods when they leave the factory. There are no screws. It can be stuck with the cover card without screws.



Bubble guns are recommended:



1Easy to hold: small, one-and-a-half-year-old babies can hold and play easily, unlike others.2Under the age of the baby hand holds the grips but not trigger finger;

2Save electricity: this bubble gun is an improved version that is upgraded on the original basis. With better motor, it has better performance and can save a lot of electricity. The bubble gun USES ordinary battery, the general bubble gun is very expensive, so mothers often buy a lot of batteries, and this relatively low power, can save a lot of battery oh;




3, easy to bubble: this should be the greatest advantages of this bubble gun, is popular with children like, as long as the trigger, the bubble will continually, let the baby easily become the creator of the beautiful scenery, there will be a lot of followers(* ^ __ ^ *)Hee hee......,The ordinary bubble gun often needs to pull the trigger constantly to bubble.

4Affordable: more affordable price, and increased music. Music is the sound of shooting guns in video games, which is very vivid and realistic.


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