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Hotel disposable supplies high grade small soap soap beach transparent handmade soap bath wash set wholesale 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2018-06-22 09:43
  • Hotel disposable supplies high grade small soap soap beach transparent handmade soap bath wash set wholesale
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Redwood Hotel supplies Co. Ltd is located in the beautiful scenery and the famous small commodity market in Yiwu City, adjacent to the Beijing Shanghai, Nanjing high-speed, convenient traffic. Our factory is a company with more than and 10 years of experience in the production of tourist products. Professional production and sales of high . in low . Gaestgiveriet Hotel rooms disposable items and supporting bedding etc.. Mainly include: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, slippers, shampoo, shower liquid, hair conditioner, body lotion, shower cap, shoe cloth, sewing kit, matches, tea bags, pen, pen and paper clips, razor (paste), cotton, nail file, cup pad, gift bags, laundry bags, garbage bags, trays, trash, service guide, signs, washcloth, towel, bath towel, towel, bedspread, bed sheets, quilt, quilt cover, pillow, pillow, mattress, blanket, curtain support. Gaestgiveriet Hotel room supplies and compressed towels, underwear for men and women, male and female contraceptive lotion, etc. for Gaestgiveriet Hotel supplies.

Yiwu hongshanshu hotel supplies Co. Ltd professional production and sales all kinds of high star hotel disposable items

contact: QQ:2850672533/2850672534/2850672535, you can feel you can feel
, you can feel hot, you can feel consulting 0579-85554090

Too many hotel disposable items varieties, each hotel on the quality of the product, the price is not the same requirements

[] related matters

1 , your company's products can only buy complete sets of it?

answer: No, you can buy a single product set in the series, such as toothbrush, soap, combs and so on any of them a single product.
2, can look at the actual sample of your company? Answer: of course you can
. Our website product drawings are in kind shooting, the company has a physical model, you want to see the sample we can send free courier (to pay). If need to charge a proofing proofing fee, after the order number back to the original proofing fee.
3, according to the requirements of design and production of our products?

A: can , here we have a professional design staff will give you a careful design, you satisfied with the design and production orders!

4 , your company and other similar companies have what advantage?

Answer: factory in the Hotel National supplies of Hangzhou, large scale, large amount of mass production

5 , what are the advantages of your products in the price?

answer: my company's business model for homegrown. Advanced equipment, adequate personnel. But I always adhere to priced sales, small profits.

6, your company's product quality is guaranteed?
answer: that you are assured! Each of our products have been tested by the national quality inspection center (with test report) and the company has joined the consumer protection agreement. How long is the
7, your company product production cycle?
answer: after paying a deposit, normal delivery 10 - 15 days! (if shipment please notify in advance)


together for the first time, need to advance 30% deposit, the production is no problem after delivery, payment before delivery.

[] delivery
1 , FedEx ( EMS , SF, Shen Tong, Tong, tact express business): 1-3 days (Jiang Zhehu 1 days, 2 days outside the area)
2 , 1-7 days (order number: logistics more cost-effective choice of logistics Jiangsu, in the next day to the province in different regions according to the freight time 2-7 days)


Hongshanshu Home Textiles Firm
Main Products: Hotel supplies, sheets, quilt cover, pillow cases, towels, bath towels, slippers, disposable slippers, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, shower CAP, SOAP, disposable toothbrushes, single Combs,
Contact: hu ai zhen
Telephone: 86 57985556208
Mobile: 15988523088
Email: ywhss@163.com
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