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Factory direct brushed stainless steel big hook magic traceless stick hook strong nail - free creative large towel hook 中文版|

Factory direct brushed stainless steel big hook magic traceless stick hook strong nail - free creative large towel hook

Factory direct brushed stainless steel big hook magic traceless stick hook strong nail - free creative large towel hook Factory direct brushed stainless steel big hook magic traceless stick hook strong nail - free creative large towel hook Factory direct brushed stainless steel big hook magic traceless stick hook strong nail - free creative large towel hook Factory direct brushed stainless steel big hook magic traceless stick hook strong nail - free creative large towel hook
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  • Updated: 2020-05-11 21:19
EXW Price:
Above 5000pcs   ¥ 1.15 /pcs
2000pcs ~4999pcs   ¥ 1.30 /pcs
500pcs ~1999pcs   ¥ 1.50 /pcs
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Yiwu Li Fa household daily necessities factory
Main Products: Daily necessities, traceless hook, storage box, soap box, storage rack, jewelry box, sticky hook,
Contacts: Tan Yan
Mobile: 86-13375899187
WhatsApp: +86 15724906126
E-mail: 487848842@qq.com
WeChat: LGJ76688
Address: 34570 , 11 Street, 2 F, 75 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 4).
Address: Floor 1, building C31, Jiulian dihengtou village, Jiangdong street, Yiwu city
Product parameters

Name: large stainless steel hook

Style: 500 pieces in a case

Material: stainless steel

Weight: 56 g

The product description

Creative products, solid and reliable, even the hemp also stick firmly, can be compared with any hook than the firmness of lasting. No more worrying about the sticky hook falling off! It's like nailing!


What the product USES is science and technology traceless solid glue, this kind of solid glue is soft and elastic, can fill not smooth surface tiny gap when pasting, air is not easy to go in, so it can be strong load, and because of the toughness and elasticity is good, it is torn down from the wall, will not have any residual, do without a trace. No ordinary foam gum! Ordinary foam adhesive because the substrate is foam, easy to tear, it is easy to leave traces on the wall, because is a liquid adhesive, not resistant to high temperature, high temperature to 40 degrees or so, the adhesive is viscous liquid, lose viscosity, it is easy to slip, poor load.

Product features:
1. Strong load, because the paste area is large, and the gel can fill the gap of the surface is not smooth, it can be super load, generally 5~6kg, for the more smooth surface can even reach 10kg, there is no other home hook can have such a strong load. (some vacuum suction cups can have a strong load but unstable, easy to fall, and can only be used for smooth surface, electrostatic film hook load is strong and stable but not directly used in rough wall.)
2. Traceless and non-residual adhesive, traceless hook, is a solid adhesive without substrate, with good elasticity and toughness, not easy to tear, tear down will not be residual and difficult to remove the adhesive marks, keep the wall clean.
3. Firm and stable, the paste piece has a certain flexibility, and the area is larger than the hook base itself, which is more solid and reliable than any hook on the market, and you don't need to worry about falling down
4 suitable for all kinds of wall paste, even the rough face has a better paste effect, whether it is smooth or not smooth, as long as it is hard wall powder can be used, real high-tech!
5. Good weather resistance. A few degrees below zero in winter and a high temperature of 40 degrees in summer will not affect its adhesion. Ordinary hook is affected by high and low temperature, the viscosity is reduced, or shrinkage deformation and air inlet off.
6. Super waterproof, common adhesive hook will fall off when it meets water, our traceless hook, splashing water, damp wall, even soak in the water are firm still.
7. Transparent and invisible, paste piece and gel itself transparent, paste on the wall feels like a small hook, will not destroy the overall aesthetic feeling of the wall.




Pictures to film

Buyers will see

A:Take notes before

1:Please read the baby description and related instructions carefully before taking the photo.The buyer shall be deemed to have agreed to the price, characteristics and relevant information of the product after the auction. Because the customer service is more general service, if the reply is a little bit slow, please the majority of customers understand, please wait patiently for the customer service people's reply!

2:All the baby according to the above batch can, the amount is not limited! Support mixed batch! Support alipay transactions! Support bank direct remittance transactions.

3:All of our products are spot sales, the page shows the baby is available, please rest assured to buy. Due to the wide variety of commodities and the large daily sales volume, please kindly understand the situation of shortage caused by the absence or removal of individual commodities. We will get in touch with you through phone or want message and help you to deal with it in time.

2:Color information

For the style and color, it is the default to send mixed styles when distributing goods. Customers with special requirements can note the style or color (When shooting together, there is A remark column that can be noted, writing the article number and style, such as: A: red) we will try our best to meet the requirements of the distribution, but it is inevitable that there will be mistakes, please tolerate. We will try our best to deliver the goods according to your remarks. If there is no color or money, we can only send the goods randomly. Please forgive me!

Three:Payment instructions

We recommend that you use pay treasure to deal, two secure and convenient payment after shopping, it is not convenient to accept bank transfer, before the remittance, please take a picture of baby and note to bank remittance, convenient and timely delivery to you after we receive payment, the alibaba account, remittance after remittance bank and amount through the prosperous or cell phone to contact us in time, to check the payment for the delivery.

Rural commercial bank of China: 6230 9107 9902 6559792 account name: tan yan
Bank of China: 6217 8562 0000 2662380 account name: tan yan
Icbc card number: 6212 2612 0800 2056461 account name: yan tan
Agricultural bank of China card no. : 6228 4103 8047 0128514 account name: tan yan
Postal card no. : 6210 9833 8000 9678075 account name: yan tan
CCB card no. : 62170014 6000 2839479 account name: tan yan, please inform us after you type it, so that we can arrange to deliver the goods to you. Thank you very much! Happy cooperation!



(the bank remittance customer asks you to inform us immediately after the remittance, so as to deliver the goods to you in time)

The delivery instructions

The delivery instructions

Our company has two modes of transportation: logistics (large or more) express (small or urgent)

1:logisticsMost of our customers are wholesale wholesalers, and the parcels we ordered are basically heavier or more. Considering the transportation cost,Beyond jiangsu, zhejiang and ShanghaiThe customer orders goods in more than 10 kg, the company recommends logistics; Small items under 10 kg are recommended to be sent by express. (after you purchase the goods, the fee automatically generated by the system is the express fee. Please send the order number to our customer service staff and explain. They will modify the freight for you.

Freight standard and arrival time are as follows:

The direct charge to the city is about 15-30 yuan/box, and the arrival time is about 3-5 days.

Transfer to county-level cities about 20-40 yuan/box, the arrival time is about 4-7 days.


a.: because the logistics consignment does not have the accurate charge standard, our company provides the charge standard only for the reference.

B:Please keep the phone clear, when the goods arrive at the local place, the freight terminal will inform you to pick up the goods (the company does not charge your logistics fees, when picking up the goods directly to the freight terminal)

C:The arrival time and specific freight will be determined according to the distance (yiwu goods, through the country, the logistics system is quite developed, all provincial capitals and prefecture-level cities have online stores, cities at or above the county level can be transferred to)

2:CourierThe company defaults to yuantong distribution, long-term cooperation to exceed the peer more shipments, won a lower than the peer express costs and service quality! The company will charge the customers in strict accordance with the express price provided by yto. If there are any outlets that yto cannot deliver, the company will transfer to shentong or other express (the customer service will explain to the customers if the freight is exceeded by the marked freight in the system).


To sign for that

When you receive the goods, please check whether the outer packing is in good condition. If the outer packing of the package is found to be broken during the inspection, please contact our after-sales service in time. We will help you to settle the claim with the express company.Remember that! (Signing and receiving tips: some express companies require you to sign first and then inspect the goods. You can sign first, but do not give the signed express bill to the Courier. You can only give it to him when the inspection is correct.

After-sales service

After receiving the goods, there is a lack of quantity or quality problems of individual items. Please contact our after-sales service in the first time (within 24 hours) and take photos to send to the customer service for confirmation. We will give you a satisfactory solution.



No matter you encounter the service problem or the product quality problem, please contact the customer service number of our company in a timely manner, we will actively and objectively help you to solve the problem, never escape how to responsibility, our company in good faith and the first principle of customersFriends for business cooperation, integrity and your evaluation is very important to us, do not give random comments on the goods, the buyer and the seller will not help! We hope to use our sincere service to retain every customer, to retain every friend like the company, we hope all customers in the company every time can have a happy shopping mood and experience!

At the same time, we refuse the visit of bad critics, for the use of bad comments to threaten our refund, gifts, the company will firmly resist!


Fortune hotline:18058958681Tan manager



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