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Direct Selling Plain Cotton Single-Sided Adhesive Needle Punching Cotton Adhesive Lining 120G Adhesive Cotton with Adhesive Cotton Cloth Ironing Adhesive 中文版|
Direct Selling Plain Cotton Single-Sided Adhesive Needle Punching Cotton Adhesive Lining 120G Adhesive Cotton with Adhesive Cotton Cloth Ironing Adhesive Direct Selling Plain Cotton Single-Sided Adhesive Needle Punching Cotton Adhesive Lining 120G Adhesive Cotton with Adhesive Cotton Cloth Ironing Adhesive
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  • Updated: 2021-10-19 10:57
EXW Price: ¥ 2.60 /pc
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Product Name Plastic cotton lining with plastic cotton lining with glue Park Cotton
Product specifications This 120g(Please contact customer service if you need other weights)
Scope of Application Clothing bags and others can increase the sense of fabric
Product Technology

EVA powder coating (double-point)

Contact phone number 1305898862 Ms Zheng
Product name   INTERLINING
Product specification 120 grams(width please contact customer service)
Application Suit coat, autumn clothing, winter clothing, trousers, jackets, etc.
Product technology EVA
Contact number 1350898862 MS.ZHENG



















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Clothing needs a lining as the skeleton. Through the modeling, reinforcement, and shaping of lining, clothing can form all kinds of beautiful styles.
Lining cloth is based on woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric, using (or not using) thermoplastic polymer compound, and is specially processed by specialized machinery to strengthen the inner layer of clothing, special clothing accessories with crisp and other functions that are bonded (or non-bonded) with fabrics.
Simply put, it is actually the outer fabric and inner lining of a clothing, and the middle is the lining, so generally, the lining cannot be directly seen, but it needs to form a stiff, the position of full feel, smooth transition and reinforcement is covered with lining cloth.
(1) clothing lining: a textile material applied to the inner layer of various parts of clothing in order to show the characteristics of clothing modeling design during clothing processing.
(2) base cloth: Commonly known as base cloth, the fabric used for weaving lining cloth.
(3) cotton and linen lining: refers to cotton cloth or linen cloth that has not been sorted or is only hard-sorted, which is a relatively original lining cloth.
(4) Woven resin black carbon lining cloth: also known as wool lining, is made of cotton, chemical fiber, wool pure spinning or blending as light yarn, chemical fiber blended with yhyark hair or other animal wool as weft yarn, woven into base cloth, interlining made by Resin finishing.
(5) Woven resin lining: pure cotton and chemical fiber woven, blended woven or knitted fabric, other finished by bleaching or dyeing, and made by Resin finishing. Referred to as resin interlining.
(6) woven (or knitted) Hot Melt Adhesive interlining: pure cotton and chemical fiber woven or blended woven or knitted fabric, modified bleaching or dyeing and other finishing, interlining made after evenly coated by thermoplastic Hot Melt Adhesive. Hereinafter referred to as the woven fusible interlining.
(7) Non-woven Hot Melt Adhesive interlining: also known as non-woven adhesive liner. It refers to the lining made of non-woven fabrics after thermoplastic Hot Melt Adhesive coating. Sewing non-woven adhesive liner also falls into this category.
Woven resin black carbon lining cloth, Woven resin lining, woven (including knitted) Hot Melt Adhesive lining cloth and non-woven Hot Melt Adhesive lining cloth are the four series of modern lining cloth. In addition, there are a variety of other lining and supporting products, such as tie lining, hemp lining, waist band and waist strip lining and piping tape, pocket, interling for shoes and hat, etc.
Lining cloth is the skeleton of clothing, and good lining cloth is the essence of clothing, especially the application of modern lining cloth, which makes clothing modeling and sewing process have unexpected effects, the function of lining can be roughly summarized into the following aspects:
1. Give the clothing a good curve and shape;
2. Enhance clothing stiffness and elasticity and enhance three-dimensional sense;
3. Improve the drapability and fabric feel of clothing, and enhance the comfortableness of clothing;
4. Increase the thickness, fullness and heat preservation of clothing;
5. Prevent clothing deformation and keep the original shape after washing;
6. Strengthen and reinforce some parts of clothing.
It is said in the industry that interlining is the skeleton and essence of clothing, especially the application of modern new interlining, but the modeling and sewing of clothing have achieved unexpected effects.
The parts of the lining are as follows: front piece, insole edge, collar, lapel, rear plate, pocket mouth, bag cover, belt, collar, placket, cuff, Hemming, sleeve opening, check, hem fork, sleeve fork, etc.
Adhesive lining, textile lining, non-woven lining, insert lining, double-sided lining, waist lining, shirt lining, outerwear lining, fur lining, composite lining, etc. (according to different situations) production process
Singling-cold heap-cooling and bleaching-drying-drawing and shaping-coating-coating-packaging inspection
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