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  • Jingdezhen HualitaoChina Ceramics Industry Co,.LTD
    Main Products: Ceramic tableware Set (bowls, plates, cups, spoons, pots, etc.), ceramic tea sets (a variety of one-piece cups, pots, plates), coffee, wine, hotel supplies ceramics, wedding gifts, ceramic gifts
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Shop No.36466, Street18, Floor2, Gate No.74, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 4).
Introduction: Jingdezhen HualitaoChina Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, and its headquarters is lo ... more

  • Introduction: Jingdezhen HualitaoChina Ceramics Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, and its headquarters is located in Jingdezhen, China, which has thousands of years history of porcelain making. Company formerly known as Jingdezhen Walite arts and Crafts Co., Ltd., then changed its name to Jingdezhen HualitaoChina Ceramics Industry Co., ltd. in 2008. The company's trademark is HualitaoChina,and the legal person of the company is Wan Chengyou, Huang Lichu and his wife Wan Chengyou start set up together the company's brand – HualitaoChina in 2008. After 16 years, HualitaoChina has formed its own unique product features. We have a complete production line of product supply,and the beginning of the main product category is Home Furnishing ceramic crafts, later changed to the main categories of Practical ceramic products and Jingdezhen Famille Rose Porcelain arts and crafts collection. HualitaoChina's main products are divided into two major categories, they are practical ceramics and collections of art ceramics. Our products can be used in a variety of scenes including home, kitchen, daily necessities, corporate gifts, gifts, hotel, teahouse supplies, we support configuration customization, personalized customization, souvenir gifts, logo customization, and master collectibles customization. The practical ceramics including kitchen tableware (single bowl, dish, saucer, spoon, pot and series of bone china tableware sets), Ceramic gifts (set of dishes, tea gifts, and other ceramic cups), tea sets, ceramic tea pot, ceramic kettle & cup sets, ceramic cups(double ceramic layer vacuum cup, office cup, mug, coffee cups), ceramic coffee sets, hand painted high-end tableware sets, hand painted high-end cups and hand painted high-end tea sets and so on. The collection of art ceramics mainly for master hand-painted ceramic works, including hand-painted ceramic vases, hand-painted porcelain prints, hand-painted Kung Fu tea set, hand-painted office cups, hand-painted tableware, etc..
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