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  • LuXin Jewelry

    Superior Suppliers

    Superior Suppliers of Foreign Trade

    Main Products: Medium and high grade acrylic acetate hair accessories and customized samples!
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  • Contacts: XuLuXin
  • Mobile: 18157982195
  • Mobile2: 18157982195
  • WeChat: 18757688028
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Shop No. 102195 , Street1, Floor2, Gate No.5, Markets International Trade Mart (District 1) - East.
Introduction: Yiwu Luxin Jewelry Factory was established in December 2013. A manufacturer of e-commerce, productio ... more

  • Introduction: Yiwu Luxin Jewelry Factory was established in December 2013. A manufacturer of e-commerce, production and processing of a variety of jewelry. With "professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness" as the central value, it has been unanimously affirmed and praised by all sectors of society for many years, and has won excellent business reputation for the enterprise. In recent years, Yiwu Xueheng Jewelry Factory has been adhering to the needs of users and gradually established a good brand image in the industry. After years of development and precipitation, it has begun to take shape and has gradually matured in sales, after-sales service, material procurement and other business systems. Over the years, while creating more value for users, it is also committed to providing higher services to social groups of different strata, and at the same time updating and introducing the popularization of brand new products in a timely manner. "Houdity, self-improvement" is the belief of every employee of Yiwu Luxin Jewelry Factory, and takes every day as a new starting point and devotes wholeheartedly to the development of the factory! Taking the most perfect service and providing excellent products as the service tenet of the enterprise. Create an honest, professional and excellent enterprise!
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