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Shining bamboo dragonfly shining bamboo dragonfly flying fairy toy floor stalls selling shining flash toys wholesale 中文版
Shining bamboo dragonfly shining bamboo dragonfly flying fairy toy floor stalls selling shining flash toys wholesale Shining bamboo dragonfly shining bamboo dragonfly flying fairy toy floor stalls selling shining flash toys wholesale
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  • Updated: 2019-04-06 14:27
  • Product name; Sparkle bamboo dragonfly\n\nProduct name: luminescent bamboo dragonfly\nMaterial: plastic + electronic components\nProduct specification: fly leaf 18cm rubbing rod 20cm (approx.)\nProduct color: red, blue, green, yellow (random hair)\nProduct packaging: single opp bag packaging, 50 packages, one color package\nPacking quantity: 1200 pieces/carton
EXW Price:
Above 12000pcs   ¥ 0.37 /pc
1200pcs ~11999pcs   ¥ 0.40 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Product name; Sparkle bamboo dragonfly

Product name: luminescent bamboo dragonfly

Material: plastic + electronic components
Product specification: fly leaf 18cm rubbing rod 20cm (approx.)
Product color: red, blue, green, yellow (random hair)
Product packaging: single opp bag packaging, 50 packages, one color package
Packing quantity: 1200 pieces/carton
When I saw this mind when I first go to school, the playground of the old, the bamboo dragonfly everywhere, so many years, all of the time I have made with bamboo pole. This is a very classic toy, the plastic stick into the leaf, put in between two hands up rub, it is like a dragonfly flying! The bamboo dragonfly, spinning in your hands -- soaring -- spinning -- falling How about you? Do you still want to find your childhood happiness, or do you want to collect this mood?
Traditional toys have a long history. Education baby how to operate, exercise baby's coordination.
Functional features: this is a small start-up project, very suitable for mobile sales, the products are novel and lovely to attract children's eyes;
Evening street, shop, supermarket, fast food restaurant, square, park doors can be happy to sell;




                            Please read carefully

(1) about how many batches? Do you support mixed batch? Is there an amount limit? How about the freight?
Answer: all single purchase products according to the online batch can be, mixed batch amount of 50 yuan delivery, the number of 3 batches, support alipay transactions! We will specify the weight of each product, and the system will automatically calculate when it is shot. There may be a slight error. If there is any problem, please contact our customer service to modify it. If we contact our customer service to modify the freight, the freight will be paid on delivery.
(2) are the products on the shelves available? What if we don't have it?
A: all our products are sold in stock, and the available baby is available on the page. Please be assured to buy. Because the product variety is more, every day shipments is bigger, the individual out of stock due to a commodity not the shelves in time, please forgive, we will get in touch with you by phone or want want news.
(3) can you choose the style or color of the product?
A: on the issue of the design and color, the default is mixed at the time of distribution, have asked friends can note the style or color, we will try to help you prepare, in accordance with the requirements but it appears the lack of color and style, will contact you when warehouse delivery, and advise renewal into other styles, please include more! If there is any special requirement, please note: I must choose what color, if not, do not ship. If there is no such remark, the goods will be shipped at random.
I have already paid for it. When will it be delivered? By what express? How long will it take to receive the goods?
Answer: because every shipments is bigger, we will within 24 hours after your payment (special holidays excepted) according to the order of payment delivery, shipping time will be because of distance and different express uncertain weather factors, we are the default delivery shentong express and huitong express delivery, if the two express to the area, please contact us for other express delivery.
What about the quality problem with the products I bought?
A: our products have passed strict inspection before delivery. General problems such as small toy dawn it is ok to change the electron, because of the long way, a damaged in the transport, lead to the product itself should have the function of the missing, we will be return or a refund. Return it, please be sure to put a return list, to the quality of the return, we store the want want name and your order number and contact phone number, to facilitate the warehouse when receiving registration, better service to you. Others, such as bad sales, not as good as expected... We generally do not provide return or exchange of goods unless it is caused by the quality problems of the products themselves. If you really want to return it, you can return it at 20% off if the product and package are in good condition.
(6) are the product pictures and descriptions true?
A: more than 98% of product pictures are selfies, which can reflect the reality of the product itself. However, due to light, shooting level and other factors, there may be a slight difference between pictures and objects. The specification and size of the product are all measured according to the actual maximum size (longest, widest and highest) of the product. If you are strict, you can contact our customer service staff to have a look at video.
(7) I don't have alipay. What should I do?
A: we recommend alipay. The payment for goods is safe and convenient for shopping in the future. Really inconvenient accept bank remittance, remittance, please contact us first prior to bank remittance, convenient we receive payment to you verify the goods shipment as soon as possible, please contact us through the prosperous or mobile phone after remittance, we check the payment for goods arrange shipment after checking the goods correctly.


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