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2016 customized health bracelet black bile stone decorative bracelet 中文版
2016 customized health bracelet black bile stone decorative bracelet 2016 customized health bracelet black bile stone decorative bracelet 2016 customized health bracelet black bile stone decorative bracelet
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  • Updated: 2018-07-02 10:58
  • Warm reminder: 1. You can customize various kinds of foreign trade bracelets according to the pattern. Tourist attractions bracelet. 2. The whole dozen should be approved by 12 dozen, and the quantity of foreign provinces should be checked by daihatsu. 3. The postage of the baby needs to be modified after being photographed. Please contact the customer service. 4. For special goods, we do not accept return or exchange service without quality problem, please understand.
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It is mainly produced in Brazil and has extreme height to light. It is often called black diamond. At the moment, the deposits of black bile are rare and therefore valuable. Pure natural, magnetic, health care function, health fashion.
Wear magnetic jewelry for a long time, high blood pressure, rheumatism pain, arthritis, neurasthenia. Insomnia and muscle soreness have a certain auxiliary rib effect.
Pure natural, magnetic, with health care function. It can absorb and eliminate negative energy, enhance human vitality, physical strength, and overall vitality, and is the representative gem of health and longevity.


All kinds of animal experiments show that the electromagnetic wave (1) make the neurotransmitter changes (2) make the chickens, pigs, mice on the surface of the cells and calcium content changes, causing malformation fetus, trigger malignant lymphoma (3) to reduce the response ability of rats, reduce the testicular weight, change the brain chemicals, lower body growth. In particular, the third point will affect the production of pregnant women and the growth of children. In the light of the current epidemiological investigation, it is impossible to deny that electromagnetic waves have an impact on the human body. Therefore, we should avoid contact with strong electromagnetic field. Appropriate measures should be taken when necessary. The medical effect of black bile stone is not accepted by normal medicine, if want to choose relevant jewelry, please keep careful attitude! I didn't know the benefits of the book until I read it.

Often wear black gallstone bracelet, necklace, can through the body's arteries and veins cut harmful electromagnetic radiation outside the human body, adjust blood pressure, promote blood circulation, improve the function of red blood cells carry oxygen, lower cholesterol, have the effect of calming the nervous system, eliminate insomnia.


Through the clinical research of medical experts, it is found that the black bile stone has remarkable curative effect on rheumatism, arthritis, hypertension, anemia, insomnia and headache.

Introduction to black gallstone


Health gems - Brazilian black bile (magnetite)

Brazil black gallstone, also known asThe Brazilian magnet

Black bile stone also known as tungsten steel stone, black bile stone hardness 5-6, a symbol of calm, personality. Black gallstone is a kind of hematite, dark gray to black, metallic luster, opaque, streaks and fracture surface is usually reddish brown black gallstone is a kind of strong stone, stubborn light make people handle things in an orderly way and firmly.

Native to the tropical forests of southern Brazil, affected by the local tropical climate and special geographical location. The stone is rich in rare minerals and is naturally magnetic because it has significant effects on the human digestive system, nervous system and especially the blood circulation system. Long-term wear can dispel disease fitness, extend life. Necklaces and bracelets work better together.

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