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Puzzles challenge the bottle bottle stacks together after adult intelligence toys, children's educational toys 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2014-06-01 11:06
  • Puzzles challenge the bottle bottle stacks together after the adult children's educational toys
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Description] high-grade wood production, health and environmental protection. Can be individual games or more participants.

[Information] bottle is central to the challenge, coupled with skilled techniques required to stabilize the center of gravity, in order the cake smooth wood stacked on the bottle. But be careful, if there is a wooden cake

Move all wood cake will fall down.

[Rules] and put the bottle in the water level on the table. Recommended one level stack 8-9 a wooden cake.
1, fold each time a wooden cake, be aware that each wood loaves is flat.
2, when stacked, you need the height and width of 3, if you want to stay red when the wood next to the pie and fold again permitted, but do be careful, don't fall pie other wood.
4, if all wood biscuits folded, you can end the game.

Stack of wooden bread process, fell only 4 bucks may continue to be picked up folded and fell more than 6, you win.

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