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Zodiac flower potted products Sagittarius mini creative plant potted plant. 中文版|
Zodiac flower potted products Sagittarius mini creative plant potted plant. Zodiac flower potted products Sagittarius mini creative plant potted plant. Zodiac flower potted products Sagittarius mini creative plant potted plant.
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  • Updated: 2018-01-22 14:14
  • Twelve constellation Sagittarius mini creative flower pot products plant bonsai pot activity presents the zodiac flowers: varieties paragraph 12 (lavender, impatiens, periwinkle, sunflower, petunias, pansy, geranium, Dali, marigold, fragrant violet, sketch chrysanthemum.) Product details: plastic flowerpot paper packaging, nutritious soil, seeds, carbon balls. Product size: 12*12* height 10.5CM.
EXW Price:
96pcs ~959pcs   ¥ 5.00 /pc
960pcs ~9599pcs   ¥ 4.70 /pc
Above 9600pcs   ¥ 4.20 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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zodiac:12 varieties (Lavender, impatiens, changchun, sunflower, petunia, pansy,Geranium, dahlias, marigold, pansy, pyrethrum.)

Product details: plastic flowerpot paper packaging, nutritious soil, seeds, carbon balls.

Product size: 12*12* height 10.5CM.

Packing:96A case of

Production date: factory direct sales, patent products.

AriesThe symbol symbolizes a new beginning.

Symbol energy: control. Because Aries is self-motivated, sometimes it's hard to be impulsive and ignore other people's feelings.
The symbol of Aries is a ram, which can also be interpreted as the horn and nose of a ram. The Aries starts on the first day of spring (northern hemisphere), symbolizing a new green budding, showing the new and thriving landscape.

The sign of Taurus symbolizes strength.

Symbol energy: possession. Taurus signs are down-to-earth, but they are hard to avoid because they are too stubborn.
Zodiac symbols in the circle represents the emergence of the sun, as the name suggests the Taurus in zodiac represent \"money\", who can produce various facilities, activities, meet the material needs people belong to its jurisdiction, Taurus looks gentle, but the heart is full of desire. In ancient times, farmers used oxen to plow their fields before planting, so it was also a code name for income and reward.

The sign of Gemini symbolizes wisdom.

Symbol energy: mastery. Geminis often have a lot of interest, but sometimes they don't know enough. Gemini constellation symbols are like two parallel lines, Ⅱ at both ends by two short horizontal sealing, representing CASTO and PULLUX both never separate twin stars, is often seen as a symbol of both sides, such as right and wrong, give-and-take, teaching and learning, etc., and in charge of the \"education\" zodiac Gemini, not only refers to the knowledge, also includes the postal and research in schools and state for the people all kinds of communication, communication channel.

The sign of cancer symbolizes strength.

Symbol energy: passion. A cancer that is often aloof in appearance, full of kindness and warmth, should be released appropriately.
Cancer zodiac symbols like a against the scale of cute little crab of appearance, some astrologers claim, cancer zodiac symbols like confrontation, two small crabs, the starting point of balance with a solstice, on the first day of the summer the sun enter cancer started the summer solstice, and cancer in the zodiac, charge is related to home, such as real estate, Banks, housing loans, etc., is a cancer's sphere of influence.

The Leo symbol symbolizes power.

Symbol energy: awake. Leo is a great place and charming, but it is easy to be vain and proud.
Leo constellation symbol is the most simple and identify the zodiac, is a lion tail, Leo in charge of sports, leisure, and other entertainment projects, because is the king of the beasts, Leo represents human constantly try to express themselves, and explore the nature of your potential ability, therefore Leo will show a kind of generous, noble temperament.

The virgo symbol symbolizes health.

Symbolic energy: analysis. Virgos are always striving for perfection, and the analysis is not flawed.
Virgo constellation symbol is probably the most difficult in the twelve zodiac sign, it is quite similar with Scorpio symbol, the difference just is virgo sign with an inverted \"v\", astrologers believe that virgo's symbol, like a virgin, carrying a string of grains and their every grain of grain, a symbol of the experience in the field of the wisdom of the fruit harvest (belong to teach, is suitable for the professional when need to be patient, such as journalists, paramedics, buy and sell stocks, lecturer, author and writer, civil servants, artists, critics, analysts, inspectors)
Virgos represent health. They are in charge of pharmacy and represent statistics and labor.

Libra signs symbolize balance.

Symbol energy: measurement. Fairness is a libra's strength, but it's not the same as fairness in everyone's heart. There is no standard.
Libra constellation symbol can be said to be the be clear at a glance, a see will know that is a key balance, two Fang Pingheng libra, is how to get in the zodiac, libra represents fairness and justice, in charge of a country's legal and diplomatic problems, therefore balance of the constellation libra is an absolute requirement, must be just in the balance, libra also has the characteristics of modest and polite.

Scorpio is a symbol of mystery.

Symbolic energy: thinking. Scorpio is aloof and aloof, and therefore has a strong thinking ability.
Scorpio constellation symbol looks like a cock tail poison scorpion, but to the eyes of many western astrologers, Scorpio is the sign of \"snake\", because the snake in ancient times was seen as a symbol of \"wisdom\" and \"evil\", is well known, the human ancestor Adam and eve were expelled from the garden of Eden of main culprit is can't stand the temptation, the snake will only eat fruit a mistake. Scorpio is a symbol of reason and human desire and wonderful rebirth, which makes scorpions have a unique and mysterious nature, which makes Scorpio extremely controversial.

Sagittarius is a symbol of frankness.

Symbolic energy: intuition. Sagittarius is deep and sometimes aloof, but Sagittarius is intuitive.
The sign of a Sagittarius symbolizes the archer's arrow and returns to the simple form of the pictograph. The myth of Sagittarius can reveal the wisdom and freedom of the archer. Sagittarius is with a strong thrust of thought -- the lower half of the horse symbol of the pursuit of absolute freedom, the upper part of the symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and in the hands of the arrow, the outpouring of the offensive and wounding side.

The sign of Capricorn symbolizes resilience.

Symbol energy: relax. Capricorn always has the desire to ascend, don't be too nervous, relax and calm down may be more ideal.
Capricorn zodiac symbols like a stroke out the contour features of goat an ancient hieroglyphs, skinny body, have endurance climbing cliffs strong will, on behalf of earnestly personality, has the goat head and beard and symbols, it represents a Capricorn is a goat, and goat is a personality is very strong, and hard work.

The sign of Aquarius symbolizes complexity.

Symbol energy: persistence. Talent may make aquarians better than some, but most success comes from a little bit of effort.
The symbol of the water bearer symbolizes the wave of water and air, which is concrete but abstract. In the myth of Aquarius, you can see that Aquarius loves freedom and individualism. Symbol of the wave of Aquarius, is the representative of a highly intellectual qualities by the wave of Aquarius to think, law but not appear to have specific image, is an unpredictable constellation, is also the most difficult of 12 zodiac signs to predict constellation, personality usually is sometimes good, sometimes bad, moody and a bit nervous. It stands for calm and fraternity.

Pisces is a symbol of tenderness.

Symbol energy: confidence. Pisces is always very hesitant, the ideal and the reality of the hesitation, the emotional side, to learn to choose, may not have true right and wrong.
Pisces zodiac symbols are two crescent-shaped arc, in the middle by a straight line together with them, looks like two tied to fish, a to the upstream and the other is to the downstream, completely contrary by the middle of the line is linked together, no matter how hard, the result still can't separation, but let oneself exhausted, the contradiction of unceasingly, clearly points out the dual personality of Pisces born.

Twelve signs

Aries: full of hope, dynamic, energetic, sincere desire, day growth, brave, warm, generous, cheerful, warm Taurus: romance, determination, ability and logical thinking, diligence, enthusiasm, patience, strong artistic talent, perseverance and charity Gemini: diversity, agile thinking, insight, intelligent, lenovo force, open and bright, reflecting the wit, depth of thinking and acting, broad, and charm
Cancer: sixth sense, subjective, gentle, responsive, imaginative, prudent, persistent, persistent, friendly, loving.
Leo: pride, charity, power, thinking, protection, loyalty, passion.
Virgo: careful, gentle and generous, cheerful, playful, warm, shy, smart, lovely, persistent, occasionally dull.
Libra: idealism, justice, pursuit, social finesse, beauty, charm, art, beauty, kindness.
Scorpio: mystery, reason, intelligence, independence, rebirth, intuition, rule, dedication, observation, judgment, true charm.
Sagittarius: peach blossom, insight, superiority, reason, courage, beauty, development, lively, lovely, optimistic.
Capricorn: superior, intelligent, practical, reliable, tenacious, generous, optimistic, cute, firm.
Aquarius: original, tolerant, ideal, calm, friendly, philanthropic, philanthropic, independent, intelligent, practical.
Pisces: self-conscious, aesthetically pleasing, Platonic love, fantasy, sacrifice, kindness, good temper.

Twelve signs

You are immature and self-willed and impatient.
Taurus: prejudice depends on your heart and mind.
Clever and fickle gossip does not have the same personality.
Be possessive and sensitive.
A proud vanity indulges a waste of self-satisfaction.
Virgo: to be particular about the world is not good enough to express.
Libra (May 22 - May 22) be tempted to be lazy, narcissistic and lazy.
Scorpio: paranoid, insidious, complex, overactive, over-active, over-aggressive, overindulgent.
You are careless and careless.
Capricorn: stubborn, autistic and inflexible.
The abrupt disobedience of liberalism.
Pisces: withdrawal from difficulties and sentimental indecision is not realistic.

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