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[zhou's lock industry] the four-way padlock of 40mm golden lotus leaf manufactured by the manufacturer, with 96 pieces per box 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2018-07-19 17:19
  • About Product:The brand of 40 square lock gold lotus, 96 pack, one piece start to approve
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Pujiang zhoushi lock industry co. LTD., padlock manufacturerSpecializing in the production ofSquare lock blade lock iron padlock, big rounded cornersLeaf lock iron padlock, building lock Diamond blade iron padlock, iron padlock curved blade, casing Fang Suo, waterproof and dustproof atomic lock locks, lock, lock with flowers, secondary management locks, padlock, color more than one key to open the lock, lock technology, cartoon lock, titanium iron padlock leaf Asian light leaf iron padlock, student cabinet lock, game cabinet lock, electric lock, computer case lock Internet bar cabinet lock Unlocking the Korean lock Such as a variety of iron locks. This kind of lock is export Korea Japan market padlock, the appearance is beautiful, the work is fine, the design is novel, the structure is solid, the price is reasonable, the quality is reliable. Support alipay guarantee transactions welcome new and old customers patronage!

Product size: 30mm 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm to 70 mm





Company's main product recommendation series:



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We usually by express, everyday YunDa express, zhongtong express, along abundant express delivery, shentong express delivery, yuantong express kalumpang express delivery, applicable to the vast majority of zhejiang, Shanghai, jiangsu province city of delivery, this invention to commonly, door-to-door delivery, jiangsu cities generally don't use this way to deliver goods.

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