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2 hd PET three-dimensional painting. 3 d picture 中文版| Report Item
2 hd PET three-dimensional painting. 3 d picture 2 hd PET three-dimensional painting. 3 d picture
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  • Updated: 2017-03-13 12:47
  • About Product:The company according to the change can be divided into one, two, three changes and four changes, three-dimensional paintings, PET sheet.
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Hd PET three-dimensional paintings, different point of view you can see different figure!
This shop sells high-definition PET stereograph, advanced printing technology, improved the past a piece of paper on grating plate directly behind the disadvantage of stereo effect is not strong. Environmental non-toxic tasteless, good quality, many varieties, production of large, strong resolution. Buyers, please do not use the low-end PP material or ordinary PET stereo picture and price of our products do contrast, stereo products you get what you pay for, is also a high-definition PET also exist differences in terms of quality, three-dimensional world profusion, vitality wonderful life. Low price, the shock of visual effect, make the three-dimensional painting gradually into homes. But there are many different kinds of products on the market at present, the quality is uneven, many small factory in order to save cost and profit, use the lower part of the material and production process, no matter from the color, three-dimensional effect, the quality of the product, the difference is very big. Material, thickness and production technology of three-dimensional painting quality has a great relationship. Now engaged in three-dimensional painting wholesale many on the network. But from the professional and quality is difficult to guarantee.
Our guarantee permanent deformation oh, is the real hd 3 d painting! Picture is absolutely shock to you!
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