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ARROW Non smoke black mosquito-type C

 ARROW  Non smoke black mosquito-type C

 ARROW  Non smoke black mosquito-type C  ARROW  Non smoke black mosquito-type C  ARROW  Non smoke black mosquito-type C  ARROW  Non smoke black mosquito-type C
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  • Updated: 2022-03-24 17:16
  • About Product:ARROW signs-smoking black mosquito coils, diameter 130 MM,5 double disk (shrink film shrink)/carton, 60 boxes/case. Carton size: 0.032CBM. Gross weight: 12.3KG
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Main Products: Disinfectant, washing powder, detergent, hand sanitizer, soap, mosquito repellent, aerosol, hand sanitizer, paper products
Contacts: Chen Guangchang
Mobile: 86-15888988122
E-mail: cecillia@aogrand.com
WeChat: ag09030699
Address: Second Floor, No. 106A, Jiurutang Village, Xialuozhai, Yiwu City

       Using technology and how to use them:pyrethrum products used as raw materials, careful preparation, and a high quality, mosquito-repellent effect is clear, and is the one standing family insect repellent. See diagram.

本产品采用除虫菊酯为原料,精心配制加工而成,品质优良,驱蚊效果明显,是家庭驱蚊的常备用品之一。 使用方法见图示。

1. Please read the label carefully before use, used according to the label.  
2. should pay attention to safety when using fire, approaching the flammable, do not use flammable dust.  
3. natural ventilation for indoor use.  
4. this product is toxic fish, worms, banned in jamsil and its vicinity.  
5. at the children's place, do not take
6. Prohibition of the product into the fish pond, fish pond
7. wash hands after use, allergy to disable, any adverse reactions with timely medical treatment

First aid of poisoning:
1. use if inhaled when feeling unwell, should be transferred to the outside and ventilated place.  
2. the wrong clothes, symptomatic immediately to hospital for medical treatment.  

Storage and transport:
1. this product should be stored in dry and ventilated place, do not place this product in high temperature exceeds 50 ° c or damp places. Cannot be the food, beverage, food, seeds and fodder, storage of flammable and explosive mix.  
2. stay away from children, keep away from fire.  
3. when the transportation, loading and unloading, should prevent the rain, handle with care to avoid squeezing.  

If jagged strips or wire ignition, dust should be cleaned regularly and anti-aliasing or precipitate iron wire contact, proper ventilation, otherwise it will affect the normal combustion, resulting in stalled.  

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