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Multifunctional solar camping lantern lantern camping lamp lamp and emergency lamp. 中文版| Report Item
Multifunctional solar camping lantern lantern camping lamp lamp and emergency lamp. Multifunctional solar camping lantern lantern camping lamp lamp and emergency lamp.
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  • Updated: 2015-12-22 16:07
  • About Product:7LED Portable Rechargeable Dynamo Solar camping lantern lamp light emergency light camping tent lamp lights XYC-06
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Third gear mode Brightness: Weak Strong strongest
The first click : intermediate biggest one LED lights
Second click : middle of the largest pieces of a small LED lights LED lights +6
Press a third time : middle of the largest pieces of a small LED lights +6 LED light ( strongest brightness )
By the fourth under : Close camp lights
1 solar charging : solar panels for a well-lit place to automatically charge , the stronger the light , the higher charging efficiency , do not need anything ;
2 Dynamo : Dynamo Open Handle , Hold the hand lamps, clockwise rotation speed of about 120 rev / min
3 by direct charging charging charge : contact hole in the bottom of the charger adapter is used , the charging voltage is 5V, if hands are charging adapter can fit into the hole directly connected to the 220V power to charge the battery .
Source: 7 astigmatism single high-brightness LED power 0.4W white LED 7LM brightness ( lifetime 100,000 hours )
Solar panel: monocrystalline or polycrystalline 5V 60MAH ( 10 year life )
Battery : 3.6V 600MAH lithium rechargeable battery
Light Size : 10.8X6.7X18 cm ( bottom diameter X top diameter X height )
Shipping Weight : 330 grams

Product Features :
1 Solar Flashlight : no batteries, charging in the sun ; even without direct sunlight, indoors lit place, such as windows , balconies , even under fluorescent , incandescent lamp can be charged, rainy weather may Dynamo use ( charging time depending on light intensity )
2 This product uses imported high-performance solar panels, high efficiency , fast charging , long life
(3) minimal power consumption ; brightness than ordinary bulbs, and the spectrum close to natural light, easy to identify the true color of objects
4 life up to 80,000 hours , almost without regard to the issue of replacing the lamp
5 high quality ABS shell , lightweight , strong, durable
6 is a good companion climbing, camping , hiking , geological prospecting , archeology and other outdoor activities
7 . Usually at home can also be used for reading, repair, prevent power failures , a multi-purpose
 8 normal operation, the lithium battery can be recharged at least 800 times ( do not be too few , the math : Suppose you travel 12 times a year , an average of every five days , then the frequency of use is 60 times a year , even if the year 100 times, 800 times , then use 8 years )
 9 1 minute hand , can support three LED lights 20 minutes , 6LED light 10 minutes
10. Dynamo self- generation and solar charging technology , batteries, no need to replace bulbs , energy saving
11 brushless motor, power > 1.2W
12. Suitable for home , emergency , travel, camping use

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