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Factory direct Valentine's day fashion accessories ribbons printed Ribbon tie accessories wholesale 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2018-11-15 10:03
  • About Product:Professional production sales various specifications, and material weaving with, and satin with (polyester with, and nylon Satin with), and thread with, and snow yarn with, and gold and silver onion with, and lattice with, and jacquard with, and Christmas with, and cashmere with, and lace with, and color weaving with pressure side with, and cuff grams with, and China knot (rope with), and mobile bags rope, and polyester embroidery line with, and cross grain with, and nylon ear with, and Ribbon, and various gift packaging with, and can to sample set weaving set dye and has post printing workshop, and manual produced workshop can provides hot cutting, and begin and the set do various specifications color pattern of Ribbon printing, and , All kinds of bows, handmade flower ribbon cutting
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