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Moth balls, pest control, health goals, rotten eggs, insect damage, mold, odor aromatic, easy to use 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2018-11-16 09:19
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Into the summer, especially in the rainy season, the climate of humidity and temperature are suitable for breeding eggs. Housewives come inside the wardrobe put some moth-proofing products in order to ensure safety. But few people know the camphor ball small material with clothing enters the body through the skin, causing great harm to human body. People are accustomed to using various shapes of camphor ball (such as camphor ball, moth-proofing scented tea, mesh bag bag block, hanging fragrant bread, synthetic camphor), etc., derived from petroleum or coal tar, colorless transparent, flammable, special aromatic smell of hydrocarbons, moth-proofing products processed into various shapes. The main ingredients are: p-dichlorobenzene, naphthalene, synthetic camphor. They both strongly volatile and has a certain toxicity.

Containing camphor ball of r123 stupid, naphthalene, belongs to the pesticide products, commonly used in industrial or agricultural production and moth-proofing. Should not be used for lifestyle products. A lot of practice has proved that benzene is a class of great harmfulness to human body health. Therefore, the world health organization has declared its strong carcinogenic substances.

Now in the market with camphor ball as the main body of the moth-proofing products contain more ingredients, just cover up the fact that a business for profit. Know this kind of product instead of harmful to human body as the product low-toxic and does not contain toxic ingredients and so on. No matter what kind of brand merchants in, always cruel corporal punishment material does not change in the material.

Managing director of the Shanghai radiation Liu Shuyu said: \"in mothproofing agent of r123 stupid content > 95%, belong to the toxic volatile organic compounds. The human body contact for a long time can cause dizziness, vomiting, skin allergy, limb numbness and other symptoms. Overuse can also cause lung dysfunction, acute hemolytic anemia, liver damage, respiratory stimulation, etc. Serious when it can even cause cancer.\" Professor of fudan university school of public health toxicology Jin Xipeng ever is made of the toxicity of the rightness dichlorobenzene specialized research, he thinks that even if you want to use paracide moth-proofing also be careful to use, especially the elderly and the children must pay attention to the protection. Because of p-dichlorobenzene can be inhaled by human body through respiratory tract, using the contamination of food and local skin contact can cause poisoning. According to his introduction, p-dichlorobenzene abroad in the late 1940 s began to a large number of experimental study, think its liver and kidney toxicity, the thyroid gland may also be affected, large dose use have certain carcinogenic in animals, for the human body is a suspected carcinogen. In the United States, Japan and other developed countries in the market can hardly see p-dichlorobenzene and synthetic camphor ball mothproofing agent, in the journal of public health in China in 1995, 11 (9) labor health, Shanghai medical university teaching and research section ke lu column and others article... P-dichlorobenzene and toxicity research pointed out in \"can explain p-dichlorobenzene with liver and kidney toxicity, also can damage the thyroid...... is certain animal carcinogen\" \". \"Foreign medical hygiene booklet\" published in 1996 are not Xu Dandan environmental health of the Chinese academy of preventive medicine articles... \"The toxic effects of p-dichlorobenzene and carcinogenicity,\" pointed out that \"acute or short-term contact P - DCB (abbreviation of p-dichlorobenzene) can cause acute hemolytic anemia, and respiratory tract irritation, skin allergic purpura glomerulonephritis. Long-term exposure to P - DCB months to 15 years can affect the lungs, blood, central nervous system, and can damage the liver.

Hefei LuZhou household's 2005 book is emphasized that the scent of warning people about the health killer \"benzene\". Benzene is one of the most important aromatic hydrocarbon, such as alkyl benzene (detergent), dye, pesticide, prevent the agent (camphor ball), plastic and other associated with benzene. More than a large number of facts to prove: fragrant pest of various shapes camphor ball, harmful to human body. Absolutely not as household supplies (such as: wardrobe, furniture, books, etc.) of the moth-proofing.

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