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Crystal Gold Buddha Guanyin bronze plated pendant 12 Chinese zodiac pendant two thousand foot wholesale necklaces 中文版
Crystal Gold Buddha Guanyin bronze plated pendant 12 Chinese zodiac pendant two thousand foot wholesale necklaces Crystal Gold Buddha Guanyin bronze plated pendant 12 Chinese zodiac pendant two thousand foot wholesale necklaces Crystal Gold Buddha Guanyin bronze plated pendant 12 Chinese zodiac pendant two thousand foot wholesale necklaces Crystal Gold Buddha Guanyin bronze plated pendant 12 Chinese zodiac pendant two thousand foot wholesale necklaces
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  • Updated: 2015-11-28 12:46
  • Crystal Gold Buddha Guanyin bronze plated pendant 12 Chinese zodiac pendant two thousand foot wholesale necklaces
EXW Price:
Above 5000pcs   ¥ 0.33 /pc
1000pcs ~4999pcs   ¥ 0.35 /pc
100pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 0.40 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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a two yuan specially batch
Main Products: Daily necessities 2 yuan ornament toys hardware tools kitchen supplies
Contacts: 曾令科
Mobile: 86-
WeChat: 13566735305
Address: 67275 , 3 Street, 4 F, South connected building Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5).
Material: Crystal Style: folk songs Item no: pendants
Brand: Zeng Jiong Style: Unisex Style: drop-shaped
Process: plating Crystal types: copper plating For gift-giving occasions: trade shows | advertising | business gifts
Packaging: bulk Customized processing: no Sales Serial number: 001
Production number: 001 Origin: China Color: Kwan-Yin Buddha | | 12 lunar new year
Category: pendant

Multiples of 12 Chinese zodiac 12 beat Kwan-Yin Buddha by multiples of 100 top rope needs its own distribution






Wholesale must-read (generating default has agreed to abide by the following Convention):

You don't have to know our strengths, but make sure you know our deficiencies. Low-end goods, to serve the public. All profit of selling, earn, afford, please compare after product cost, more understanding. Please adhere to the following conventions:

First, all goods in kind take pictures every batch of incoming goods may be slightly different, pictures and displays data only for reference, to receive in-kind shall prevail, style sends random colors. Refused to color, style, data, prices and other subtle differences as grounds for return. An example (but not limited to):

1. is your online weight 20G, weighs in at only 19.8g I said, I want to return and to bear the loss of freight, or complaints and bad reviews; 2. your product price is too low, poor quality, don't sell, I want to return or the price is too high, how much costs must fall back to compensate, or complaints and bad reviews;

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4. loss of individual defective merchandise and order 2%, it is normal that after each transaction as a result of a serious loss, please contact customer service within 7 days late depending on the customer the power to abandon the service, is not admissible.

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4, do not communicate directly with customer service before returning to return the goods, is not admissible.

5, for subjective reasons for return, return of practically no quality problems, inadmissible, return transportation costs themselves, damaged reimbursed at cost.

6, do not put the non-returned items of the company, if you have this product, but we will not be returned.

7, refused to pay the freight for various reasons, return shipping costs exceeded shipping freight are not be accepted back Zeng Jiong Yiwu jewelry parts company, established in

In 2008, and is based on: "world commodity city-Yiwu", look to national and global merchants, most professional 1 to multiple wholesalers in Yiwu. Our firm has thousands of varieties, and tens of thousands of styles, offers to its customers high quality merchandise, excellent service. Wholesale distribution of nail clippers, key chains, jewelry, cell phone accessories, daily necessities selling consumer market, enjoy a high status among consumers, the company and the number of retailers and dealers to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation. Zeng Jiong Yiwu jewelry parts company distributes nail clippers, key chains, jewelry, daily variety, reasonable prices. Zeng Jiong Yiwu jewelry firm, strong, credit and abiding by contracts, guarantee product quality, with many varieties of operating characteristics and principles of small profits but quick turnover, won the trust of our customers.
First, support mixed batch, single-product minimum quantities can be shipped, reduce the stress and worry of your purchase.
Second, there's no need to join, no security deposit, no management fee, without all the unnecessary costs.
Three, species diversity, complete models.
Four or one-stop shopping, low costs and high efficiency.
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