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Thermometer non - contact infrared electronic thermometer.
Thermometer non - contact infrared electronic thermometer. Thermometer non - contact infrared electronic thermometer. Thermometer non - contact infrared electronic thermometer.
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  • Updated: 2018-03-09 11:53
  • Human body thermometer characteristics: 1. Accurate measurement: the measurement error is less than or equal to plus or minus 0.1 degree. (adopt imported infrared detection system) 2. Service life: 1 section 9V battery can be used more than 100,000 times, and the service life of the product > million times. 3. Easy to use: one-key measurement, easy to operate. 4. Non-contact: measure the forehead of the human body without touching the skin.
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50pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 75.00 /pc
Above 100pcs   ¥ 69.00 /pc
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Human body thermometer features:

1Accurate measurement: measurement error.0.1 mm or lessDegrees. (imported infrared detection system)

2, service life: install.1section9 vThe battery can be used more than.10Ten thousand times, product service life >.300Ten thousand times.

3Easy to use: a key measurement, easy to operate.

4Non-contact: measure the forehead of the human body without touching the skin.

5Rapid temperature measurement: measurement time.0.5Seconds.

6Measuring distance: in.5 ~ 15 cmYou can adapt to it, you don't have to measure the distance.

7Large screen display: large LCD display, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed.

8Temperature difference setting: can set indoor and outdoor temperature difference.,To avoid the impact of environment on instrument test data.

9, storage data: storage.32A measurement data for easy analysis of reference contrast.

10,2Pattern: day mode.,The night mode is easy to measure.

11Unit conversion: using Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other.

12Large display screen:With a backlightThe LCDThe display is convenient to test the reading..

13,Large capacity battery:section9 vLarge capacity batteries are common.AA5Several times the capacity of the battery..

Safe hands,

lowPlease read this instruction carefully before use.
lowplease10to40Use the product at ambient temperature.
lowPlease do not close the product to the charged object.,In order to avoid electric shock
lowPlease do not exceed the relative humidity.85%Use the product in the environment.
lowWhen you need to clean,Please wipe the surface of the instrument with alcohol.
lowPlease contact the distributor once the product is in trouble.,Don't try to fix it yourself.

Other instructions
The non-contact infrared thermometer is a professional thermometer for the temperature measurement of human body temperature.,It can be used by consumers in the home environment.,The medical staff
Used in clinic.ASTM1965-1998.standard

HT - 820.Only for non-contact infrared thermometers.
Medical instruction93/42 / EEC
The normal temperature range of different measurement locations.
The person's temperature varies with the time of day.,It is also affected by other external conditions, such as age, gender, skin color and thickness.
Measure the normal temperature of the temperature.ocThe normal temperatureof
The anus36.6 ~ 38 97.8 ~ 100.4
oral35.5 ~ 37.5 95.9 ~ 99.5
alar34.7 ~ 37.3 94.4 ~ 99.1
ear35.8 ~ 38 96.4 ~ 100.4
Normal body temperature range of different ages.

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