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Direct manufacturers transparent flip short boots box plastic box crystal box 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2017-12-08 10:43
  • Clamshell boots can be printed logo color pattern
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Above 5000pcs   ¥ 3.30 /pc
1000pcs ~4999pcs   ¥ 3.50 /pc
300pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 3.80 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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The store currently has eight specifications of the crystal shoe

Specification: 21*13*7.5cm (flip children for ten years old children shoe boxes)

Specification: low 25*15*10cm (flip with female shoe within 38 yards of low heel shoes)

Specification: 28*18*10cm (universal female clamshell shoebox for 39 yards with the level of women's shoes)

Specification: general color female 28*18*10cm (flip shoebox pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange and green)

Specification: 33*20*12cm (universal male shoe shoe for more than 39 yards shoes)

Specification: general color box 33*20*12cm (male shoebox purple and blue and yellow, orange and green)

Specification: 28*18*10cm (universal female shoe thickened clamshell for 39 yards with the level of women's shoes)

Specification: 33*20*12cm (universal male shoe shoe thickened for more than 39 yards shoes)

Specification: 30*18*10cm (universal female drawer shoebox for 39 yards with the level of women's shoes)

Specification: 34*20*13cm (for men with a drawer shoebox over 39 yards shoes)

Specification: the upper and lower cover boots box 40*29*11cm (colorless transparent, transparent blue, transparent pink)

Specification: the upper and lower cover boots box 52*30*11cm (colorless and transparent, transparent pink, purple transparent, transparent blue)

shoe bearing strength is strong, can all overlap stacked. Let you at the same time above do not take the box easily out below you want to wear shoes! Environmental protection, high permeability, good toughness, easy to clean the characteristics of not only become a storage shoe box, but also can be used as a decoration of the house of art. Its reasonable side open design, and high light transmittance, greatly saves you time to find the shoes.

[use features]:

1, can be reduced to design, easy storage; reduce the space for storing shoes.

2, transparent shoe box with a solid, solid, toughness. Not afraid of damp, not afraid of deformation, easy to carry.

3, storage boxes can be easily stacked vertically arranged, make shoe more clean and beautiful.

4, the inside of the shoes at a glance, so you do not have to worry about looking for shoes.

5, let you do not wear shoes always keep clean.

There are two ventilation holes on the right - left shoe box, a movable handle, easy to carry.

color fresh and beautiful, exquisite designs, is a people love baby. Matching inserts can be arbitrarily assembled according to your requirements. PP environmental protection materials, waterproof and dust, light and beautiful, to avoid the traditional non-woven storage can not be cleaned, disposable shortcomings, is home to a small helper. Well containing clothing does not occupy space, do not have to fold storage. Light weight, good air permeability, convenient disassembly and cleaning, repeatedly brushing color newly, can put any items . Internal large storage space. Good good good possession of durable , make home life more convenient and comfortable!

[] carton size: 46*43*47.5cm company tenet: to provide the best quality products for buyers, the best quality service, the most preferential price.

[] carton size: 46*43*47.5cm . on payment: if the seller online, please buyers and sellers do
delivery and payment; if the seller is not online, please immediately call.

Can be found in the computer's equipment management, the right to install the right. on delivery: buyers in order to contact us as soon as possible, in the confirmation of payment to the account after a quick delivery. The choice of the shipping company by the buyer and the seller together, so that buyers can receive the goods as soon as possible.
on the picture: due to the variety of specifications too complex , is not one shot , all real shot pictures. Detailed specifications can be according to the standard or customer drawings production .
on return:
product quality problem , please contact the seller .
quality confirmation of liability to the seller, shall refund or exchange, the Seller shall bear the freight back and forth;
send the wrong goods, shall withdraw or change, the Seller shall bear the freight back and forth;
after the communication , buyers can choose any way of goods will be sent back to the seller or seller to seller, after the receipt of the goods. Refund or exchange.
on transportation problem: during transportation loss risk borne by the seller, the seller of goods to the shipping company confirmed after missing a refund.

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