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Cotton slippers, disposable slippers, disposable slippers manufacturers selling Yangzhou Yilan beauty 中文版
Cotton slippers, disposable slippers, disposable slippers manufacturers selling Yangzhou Yilan beauty Cotton slippers, disposable slippers, disposable slippers manufacturers selling Yangzhou Yilan beauty Cotton slippers, disposable slippers, disposable slippers manufacturers selling Yangzhou Yilan beauty Cotton slippers, disposable slippers, disposable slippers manufacturers selling Yangzhou Yilan beauty
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  • Updated: 2015-10-06 13:22
  • Hotel disposable slippers hotel rooms disposable slippers hotel room hotel slippers disposable top-grade slippers (cotton all inclusive) factory direct
EXW Price:
Above 10000pairs   ¥ 0.90 /pair
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel supplies Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Disposable consumables, one-time hotel slippers, disposable toothbrush, disposable comb, hotel supplies, disposable supplies, hotel soap, disposable supplies, shampoo, bath liquid, and disposable slippers hotel. Hotel guest room supplies, paid for supplies, bedding etc..
Contacts: Mr Bao
Mobile: 13013706700
E-mail: bao@yilanmei1688.com
WeChat: 15358516999
Address: 71097, 8 Street, 5F, 112 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5),Yiwu,China
Address: 江苏杨州

Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel supplies Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of star rated hotel disposable slippers, various kinds of high middle and low slippers, hotel disposable slippers, hotel supplies, hotel disposable supplies, disposable hotel supplies wholesale! The factory will uphold the sustainable development, moderate expansion in the development of ideas, is committed to to factory building will become the hotel supplies market strong, provide comfortable, convenient and considerate service for human life, resort, leisure. Yi Lan company has been working to be dedicated to Islamic beauty of users at home and abroad the most advanced technology, the best products, the Islamic beauty company first-class R & D technology, advanced production technology, advanced management methods, better for the user to provide quality service and excellent products

Enterprise spirit: people-oriented, solidarity and cooperation, advance with the times, innovation

Business philosophy: customer first, integrity first, quality first, price reasonable

Welcome to our faith in the long-term win-win principle of friends from all walks of life to come to visit, investigate and negotiate business. The company is located in Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou Hangji Industrial Park Jindu international hotel supplies City C4-13-16 District

Yangzhou Yi Lan hotel supplies Co., Ltd.

[address: Jiangsu province Yangzhou City Industrial Park Hang Jindu international hotel supplies City C4-13-16 District]

[phone: 400-0514-699 0514-86923287]

[QQ:15358516999 592552436]

[phone: 15358469777 15358516999]

[1: www.yangzhou1688.com 2:. www.yzq1688.com.

3. www.yangzhou16888.com http://yzqing1688.cn.alibaba.com] 4.

Shanghai, Beijing,, Tianjin, Chongqing, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (Inner Mongolia), Tibet (), the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (Heilongjiang), Jilin (Henan), Liaoning (Shanxi province), Jiangxi (), Hubei (), Hunan (), Shaanxi province (, Hainan), province (Sichuan), Sichuan Province, china.

1 successful cases:

2. product picture:

3. workshop:

4 buyers notice:

1 Fabrics for towels, velvet, corduroy, waffle, coral velvet, suede, velvet, plush, brushed fabric, non-woven fabric, such as the

2 The sole can be EVA, EPE, rubber soles, or a sandwich bead cloth bottom.

3 You can store the screen printing paste, printing or embroidery.

4 Each pair into a OPP bag, high - grade slippers can be used as a non-woven bag

1 Bunch of shoes and cover for mat material

2 The soles can be EVA or rubber

3 Cool and breathable, suitable for use in the summer

1 Can be towels coral, velvet suede, Fabrics, etc.

2 Can be Sponge or, EPE Dissection

3 Are made in EVA Soles, rubber

1. Division of support leak, kuru ICTs. Hikaru puppet, course, design fierce with rice or trace on the Dhaka, and, China Fuge, sytec, Vespa Hikaru Vespa, and,, off, I-mode, Vespa Hikaru Vespa, and, taken with a DoCoMo, daytime sleep cloth, non Japanese yo u a cloth, fabric.

The 2 is in fact or in times of 2 through this last. Boots, WA gomu, the school, or EPE of the Internet have cloth layer, and do not, or no Genesis: CIECC thou this Ma's estate.

3 Tim, in her words, forms, printing, communication, communication, fries do not leak,, Ta, Xiu thorn on continued language and, in with the ~ masu.

4 I of OPP in the bag, double, fries and pulp was in use with her in high grade woven bag construct

1 Part 3, for me, alpha kappa kappa e from the scene, are from a, e tse.png pgfla from PI, kappa kappa alpha, in me, a Pi Pi's allus studies. C e o alpha, alpha, alpha were 3, m, pgfla. To me,.

2 Ein E and 1, for the first - to pgfla albumose * t y o k c in me to me

3 C C E C 3. Le EVA, a c o me, me long blonde, from me, from the scene of alpha kappa kappa, p e spring from the society. The society has a kappa allus tse.png

1, proofing:

The company can provide proof of service, the need to charge a certain fee, please forgive. If the parties have cooperative relations, the fee can be refunded;

2, sample:

As a single product can be provided free of charge, buyer shall only bear the mailing cost; such as the suit, 50 yuan / sets, the cost can be deducted from the proceeds.

3, delivery period:

Environmental protection paper set: 10-15 day, card box set: 15-20 days; travel package: 20 days wash; single product: generally within 7 days (depending on quantity)

4, payment method:

Manufacturers need to puerile, mutual trust, 30% of the deposit to the account after I just can arrange production preparation;

5, the product picture details:

"sales hotline: 400-0514-699 0514-86923287 mobile phone: 15358516999"

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