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Super soft velvet thickened active printing bedspread 中文版|
Super soft velvet thickened active printing bedspread Super soft velvet thickened active printing bedspread Super soft velvet thickened active printing bedspread Super soft velvet thickened active printing bedspread
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  • Updated: 2016-08-02 13:26
  • About Product:The size of 1.5*2.0 meters 15 yuan quilt quilt 1.8*2.2 meters 17 yuan - quilt 2*2.3 m 19 yuan 48*74cm/ to 6 yuan Pillowcase
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The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Su Fang Home textiles
Main Products: The quilt, bed sheets. Quilt. Pillowcase, three. Four, many sets of bedding
Contacts: Zhangxiujuan
Mobile: 13106204873
E-mail: 865757520@qq.com
WeChat: 13106204873
Address: 62852, 4 Street, 2F, 105 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5),Yiwu,China
boutique velvet quilt
1.5 bed: 150*200cm
1.8 bed: 180*220cm
2 bed: 200*230cm
to for the regular size, if you have special request, please explain in advance
this velvet quilt, many colors, because of large shipments, orders the guests can choose so such as: flower and leaf, geometric patterns, cartoon, stripe and plaid class, the dark end of the main, light color is given priority to, brilliant color, elegant point based etc.. We need you to you in accordance with the general distribution. Because the fabric is updated every day, the online flower is only used to display, and can not be the actual color to match. We are picking! Please new and old customer understanding! If you do not know how to consult online customer service at any time!

Not heading -1_01
Not heading -1_02

We have dozens of flowers and type to a new, spare a lot of cash, you can buy
  • 1, manufacturers supply genuine

    we are manufacturers, have a great price advantage, no intermediate process, the profit space for me as far as possible

  • 2, a customer service

  • we to each old customer to arrange a customer service commissioner, need any help you can contact them. We not only provide you with high quality products, as well as the responsibility help you sell the product

    3, on color

  • Are taken in kind or the original picture scanning all goods, after the shooting or the scan is complete, in order to try to make the color does not appear to bias, we through a variety of methods of color for the correction, and we do professional graph display can also ensure that the color in the maximum extent close to real. But we can not guarantee that each buyer is different from the display does not appear color, it is recommended to focus on the color of a friend to see a few more. For a little color difference can not tolerate MM please be careful! To avoid unnecessary waste of money.
  • 4, a customer service

    the company sold goods, shipment will have special delivery departments to carry out strict inspection, quality should be no problem. No quality problems generally do not return, exchange with goods (limited to the same quality, same type of goods), the buyer return postage; products such as do exist problems affecting the use of, please within 48 hours of receipt of timely contact us, in any man-made damage and the use of the goods, we can give you free exchange (limited to the same style, same color or with commodity prices,), postage by the seller bear

  • 6, on the delivery

    after you make the payment on time, we will within three working days arrangements as soon as possible to sent the goods, after sending the goods we will inform you.

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