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Electric Baton Toy Factory Direct Sales Creative Funny Toy Stall Night Market Gadget 中文版
Electric Baton Toy Factory Direct Sales Creative Funny Toy Stall Night Market Gadget Electric Baton Toy Factory Direct Sales Creative Funny Toy Stall Night Market Gadget
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  • Updated: 2020-12-29 14:12
  • [Size]: 14.5*2 [color]: 1 color optional [function]: electric shock + light
EXW Price:
Above 864pcs   ¥ 3.30 /pc
144pcs ~863pcs   ¥ 3.40 /pc
24pcs ~143pcs   ¥ 3.80 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Eiko electronic
Main Products: cheating toy, green laser pen, sound LED key ring
Contacts: 谢英
Mobile: 15268611229
Address: 2179, 8 Street, 1F, 14 Gate, D-International Trade Mart (District 1),Yiwu,China
Material: Plastic Product Category: Spoof Specification: 14.5*2
Brand: free Applicable age: 7-10 years old | 10-14 years old | 14-18 years old | Over 18 years old Whether foreign trade:



[Size]: 14.5*2

[Color]: 1 color optional

[Function]: electric shock + light

[Product introduction]: The electric baton is a small one, which is not surprising, but if you underestimate it or don't raise your vigilance, you may be the next one to win the trick! Touch the electric baton only deals with the people you want to deal with, not against yourself. Touch the electric baton only feels slightly electric shock, and will not cause any harm to the human body!     
















The products we sell are cost-effective and cost-effective. The buyer's satisfaction rate is as high as 99% (there is no proof of saying, and Alibaba's integrity file is used as evidence), but there are also a few picky buyers who feel that the workmanship is rough after receiving the goods, there are flaws, not good materials, and different from what I imagined. These are not quality problems. Because almost most of the products have different prices, from a few cents to tens of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, please do not compare the quality of the bottom price with the high price, no matter what is not perfect, buyers who are too picky please make an elegant detour or only buy products with higher value. In addition, because we are doing mass wholesale rather than single retail, we only guarantee the qualified rate of 98%, and 2% is exempt from liability.
Our pictures are taken in kind, but due to factors such as light and shooting level, there may be slight differences between the pictures and the real objects. Moreover, the computer equipment and graphics card display are mostly different, and the colors of the products presented are different. Buyers who cannot tolerate chromatic aberration should not order!
Subjectively think that the product is too large or too small, and the product is not easy to sell, because of the customer's own preferences and expectations; The material is thick, soft and hard, not suitable for yourself, subjective reasons such as gaps with subjective imagination do not belong to quality problems that we recognize.
After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, please contact us within 3 days. Please don't worry to give negative comments before contacting us. We will spare no effort to cooperate with you to solve the problem. But at the same time, please take a detour from picky buyers who are threatened by bad reviews.


We have specially trained distribution and packing personnel who will distribute the goods as quickly as possible and properly package the buyer's goods. However, our shipments are increasing day by day, and because some best-selling products are out of stock too fast, products are often out of stock, especially in the peak sales season, the goods have been sold out just now, therefore, we do not rule out the possibility that some products are out of stock after placing an order. Therefore, sometimes it takes two to three days. We will try our best to arrange early delivery. If you have goods, try to deliver them on the same day. If some of them are out of stock, they will be ready within three days. Please forgive me!
Solution to the shortage problem: generally, we will contact the buyer to inform the reason for the shortage, and obtain the buyer's consent to change the style or color, etc. If the buyer cannot be contacted, the default principle is to deliver as much as the goods can be delivered according to the order. The remaining payment will be returned to the buyer in 100%.
Generally, we use the following transportation methods:


If it is a courier company, it is usually delivered to the door. But in remote areas, buyers need to pick up their own products.
If it is a logistics company, buyers are basically required to pick up the goods at the local logistics company outlets and pay the transportation fee.
Special note: we will have an eye-catching label of "fragile-with care" on all shipping cartons. In addition, express delivery and logistics companies are advised to pay attention to fragile-with care when shipping. Therefore, please check the outer packaging when receiving the goods. If there is serious damage, cracking or opening, please ask the logistics company or express company for compensation on the spot. If it cannot be solved, please contact us immediately, however, we will not accept the response after signing. Please pay attention to protecting your rights and interests. Thank you! At the same time, it is also recommended to use Debon logistics and Jiaji Logistics, which have high reputation and insurance.




Missing (the quantity is insufficient when receiving the goods, and it is not indicated that the goods are not delivered):1. For goods below 300 yuan, please check the quantity with the personnel of the transportation company face to face when receiving the goods. If there is any missing goods, please sign and confirm the transportation company personnel, and we will find the shipping company to compensate you for the missing part.


2. For goods over 300 yuan, please inform us of your missing quantity within 24 hours after signing. We will cooperate with you to verify the quantity and try our best to help you solve the problem. If you do not count or inform us of the missing quantity within 24 hours, the quantity will be deemed to be correct.
In addition, due to the large daily shipments, each item may be shipped out at any time. If the goods are not delivered due to insufficient inventory, we will refund you or send them together when ordering next time, but it is no longer reissued separately.
Packaging damage: we have the obligation to make every effort to help customers solve this problem. Please (or other person who receives goods on behalf of us) be sure to check the quantity and appearance of the goods with The Courier (this is your right). If the quantity is incorrect or the appearance is damaged, please sign the courier to confirm.
Problem 1. The courier refused to open the check together.
Solution: take the express bill after you sign it, and return it to the Courier after checking it.
Question 2. The courier refused to sign to confirm the missing quantity.
Solution: Just write down his phone number and name
Product quality: all products delivered will pass many inspections during production, after production, and before delivery, and will be shipped only after they are completely qualified. However, wholesale is not retail. If you have any questions, please contact our company as soon as possible.


About return and exchange: return conditions-quality problems of the product itself lead to lack of functions or failure to meet normal standards of the product itself. If the product is not used without affecting the secondary sales, you can apply for this product for products of the same value. The transfer or return of goods shall be applied within 24 hours from the time of receipt and receipt, and shall be sent back within 24 hours from the time of application. The time shall be subject to the buyer's delivery logistics waybill/delivery order scanning time. Other reasons such as poor sales, not as good as expected... and other non-product quality problems, we will not provide return or exchange.

Pictures and objects: the pictures of the products can truly reflect the reality of the products themselves, but due to factors such as light and shooting level, there may be slight differences between the pictures and objects. Due to market changes and other factors, the factory may adjust the color and packaging method of the products and outer packages. Please refer to the actual situation.

Zhou Fuping (self-operated) is located in D1-2182 Commercial Bank of China International Trade City. Zhou Fuping (self-operated) is an electric shock toy, green laser pointer, pronunciation animal pendant with light, small flashlight, the distribution and wholesale of electronic small gifts and other products are self-operated. Zhou Fuping (self-employed) operated electric shock toys, green laser pointer, pronunciation animal pendants with lights, small flashlight, electronic small gifts are popular in the consumer market. Zhou Fuping (self-employed) products enjoy a high status among consumers, and the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. Zhou Fuping (self-employed) sells electric shock toys, green laser pointer, pronunciation animal pendants with lights, small flashlight, electronic small gifts with complete varieties and reasonable prices. Zhou Fuping (self-employed) has strong strength, attaches great importance to credit, keeps contracts, guarantees product quality, and has won the trust of our customers with the principle of multi-variety management characteristics and small profits but quick turnover.
[Contact information] Yingzi electronic Xie Ying (MS.)

Address: 2182 storefront, 1st Floor, Zone D, Phase I, Yiwu International Trade City, Zhejiang

Phone: 86 0579 85292833 mobile phone: 13575964344

Fax: 86 0579 85292833 QQ:136636100

Zip code: 322000

Company Home Page: http://yingzishock.cn.alibaba.com

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