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Anti dry beaker, all steel Deluxe cup, electric cup, fast heating cup, small appliances, kitchen supplies 中文版|
Anti dry beaker, all steel Deluxe cup, electric cup, fast heating cup, small appliances, kitchen supplies Anti dry beaker, all steel Deluxe cup, electric cup, fast heating cup, small appliances, kitchen supplies Anti dry beaker, all steel Deluxe cup, electric cup, fast heating cup, small appliances, kitchen supplies
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  • Updated: 2015-08-15 13:21
  • This offer is 15CM bakelite base cup full steel base price, plus 1 yuan. A 48 pack, two pieces from a batch.
EXW Price:
100pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 19.50 /pc
500pcs ~1999pcs   ¥ 19.00 /pc
Above 2000pcs   ¥ 18.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Product specifications: 15CM

1. is suitable for water heating, cooking, hot milk, soup, tea, cooking and so on, Soybean Milk Coffee;

2. cup body adopts advanced stainless steel material, easy to clean;

3. handle with high temperature insulation bakelite material;

4. heating element adopts the high quality heating material for the chassis, high thermal efficiency, long service life;

5. has multiple security protection, the national compulsory safety CCC certification, steel block, 4 high temperature dry, temperature is too high, automatic power down protection 6.
is suitable for family, school students, business units, is the ideal of travel abroad.

7. has the advantages of time saving, energy saving, safety and health, convenient use and so on.

Note the use of

1: This product is a person of custody apparatus. When heated, it is forbidden to touch the bottom of the pot by hand, so as not to burn. Do not let children touch.

2: the use of power supply must be consistent with the technical specifications of the factory.

3: the power plug is not inserted with a single socket earthing protection in.

4: when cleaning is necessary to cut off the power, unplug the power cord, never will water spilled into the socket and the bottom of the pot inside, could not be more will product as a whole is submerged in water to clean. When using the socket must be dry.

5: the first use of the parts surface cladding oil heated and volatilized, resulting in slight smoke belongs to the normal, sometimes appear clack is parts of the thermal expansion and contraction caused by, should not now use. 6: in order to ensure the safety of products and life, the products with safety protection temperature limiting device (thermostat), use overheating overheating will automatically cut off the power supply, stay in the pot temperature is automatically reduced to working temperature, indicating lights, returned to normal.

7: when in use, pot, add water should not be too full to avoid boiling water overflow, resulting in leakage short-circuit, once the water must be dry after use.

8: the clean, the best scrub, no multi cooker whole immersed in water.

9: if the product of the power cord is damaged, it is necessary to use the special wire replacement.

10: right place: put on a smooth desk or table, do not close to the fire and flammable materials.

11: if you buy the product has been improved, may be inconsistent with the specification, but will not change the performance and use of methods, please rest assured that use.

12: This product is not used, be sure to cut off the power supply.

Maintenance: first use best first power dry burning. Only in this way can evaporate pot polishing wax oily substances, and then refuel evenly coated the surface of the pot, heating, so that pot body oil adheres a layer is formed on the surface of the pot, to ensure that the pot body of food and isolation, non stick effect, both protect the pot body is not oxidation can also have certain anti sticking effect. Daily use as far as possible to avoid the dry burning easily lead to deformation of the pot body, rinse when remember not to put the pot immersion into the water for cleaning to prevent water into the pot body caused by leakage. Do not use a long clean pot placed in a cool and dry place.

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