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Expanded ocean baby beads color mixing bulk 0.5 KG/bag 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2019-07-26 12:52
  • About Product:Material: EVA Origin: bubble item no. :DIY017 Product category: novelty toys Specification: size bead mix whether electric: no
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Address: 2872B, 10 Street, 1F, 16 Gate, E-International Trade Mart (District 1),Yiwu,China
Material: EVA Origin: yiwu Brand name: bubble
Item no: DIY017 Product category: novelty toys Size: bead mix
Electric: no Multifunctional: no Do it yourself: no
Packing method: bulk Processing customization: yes Processing method :LOGO sticker
Foreign trade: yes Type of foreign trade: export Applicable age: children (3-6 years old) | youth (7-14 years old) | youth (15-35 years old)
Category: other educational toys Do you support one item: no

Product name: bubble big bead

Product size: mixed size bead


0.5 KG a bag


Packing: bulk

1. Cultivated plants have very high ornamental value;


Second, the colorful crystal earth for the indoor environment plays a good decorative role;

Three, in the crystal earth to add an appropriate amount of perfume or perfume can be used as a solid air freshener, retain fragrance

Lasting, conduce to improve indoor environment atmosphere. Crystalline earth is best for growing shade or aquatic green foliage

Plants, it does not need frequent watering and care, and will not give birth to insects, mosquitoes and ants, clean and sanitary, Ben

The main ingredient of the product is resin, without alginate or starch, so it will not deteriorate and fade

Non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, is the hotel, the family and other public places to grow flowers and plants, beautification ring

The latest and best materials. ☆ most suitable varieties: lycoraceae, ferns, palms,

Lily genera, such as daffodil, climbing evergreen, bamboos, pocketbook coconut, Brazil iron, fruit

Taro, tiger back, phnom penh condole orchid, colored taro, beautiful leaf taro, cactus, golden finger, silver evergreen,

White palm, silver side hundred auspicious grass, ruby, jilin taro, purple leaf duck tongue grass, green grass, sun god, heart

Ye xilin taro and other suitable for Yin sheng indoor decoration plants.

☆ usage:

1. Rinse the roots before planting. If you leave it in water for a week or so before planting, get rid of the old rotten roots and the plant will grow better. 2. Soak the crystal earth in 1:80-100 times water for 12-24 hours; Strain out excess water after expansion and use.
3. Pour the expanded crystal into a clear glass container. It is best to use crystal earth to completely cover plant roots.
4. If you need a mixture of different colors, soak each color separately, strain and mix in layers.
5, when the crystal earth bubble hair, can add the right amount of spices or perfume, can be used as air freshener, help to improve the indoor environment atmosphere.

☆ notes:
1. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place and sealed. It can be stored for 2-3 years.
2, this variety of flowers and plants should not be direct sunlight, must be placed in the children can not touch the place, so as not to eat by mistake.
3. This kind of plant can be cultivated without watering or fertilizing for a long time. It only needs to spray a little water on the surface of the crystal block in time (2-4 weeks).
4, after the crystal soil is dirty, rinse and drain, can continue to use. Also can clean the crystal earth, dry dry treatment, leaving until the next time to use foam.
5, crystal soil soak in mineral water or pure water to get the best effect, because tap water contains chlorine easily bleaching crystal soil color, please pay attention to the water must be drained before putting into the vase



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