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The new electric plush toy, toy, toy, Teddy, Teddy, dog, child, electric toy, electric toy 中文版|
The new electric plush toy, toy, toy, Teddy, Teddy, dog, child, electric toy, electric toy The new electric plush toy, toy, toy, Teddy, Teddy, dog, child, electric toy, electric toy The new electric plush toy, toy, toy, Teddy, Teddy, dog, child, electric toy, electric toy
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  • Updated: 2016-04-15 12:16
  • 2016 the most fire electric plush toy toy dog, will walk twisted ass singing!
EXW Price:
10pcs ~59pcs   ¥ 28.00 /pc
60pcs ~2399pcs   ¥ 25.00 /pc
Above 2400pcs   ¥ 24.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Modeling category: Animal Whether cartoon, animation: no Animal classification: dog
Brand: Xin fan Packing: cartoon box Filling material: PP cotton
Plush category: Rose Velvet Function: Yes Function: Music / sound to the sound of walking singing twisted ass
Item: qs0068 Custom processing: Yes Whether imports: Domestic
Age: infants (aged 0-2) | children (3-6 years old) | young (7-14 years old) | youth (15-35 years old) | middle-aged (36-60 years old) Whether static display: Yes Material: Plush
Origin: Yiwu Zhejiang Power supply mode: Battery Whether foreign trade: Yes
Specification: 30 cm Is inflated Whether it is
Control mode: Electric Electric: Yes Whether to support a generation: support
Type of foreign trade: export Whether or not to DIY:

box link address: http://detail.1688.com/offer/45232527283.html? Spm=a2615.7691456.0.0.WMmce7 Click to buy, need how many box shoot number. Warm reminder: the store all the baby normal packing is OPP bag, outside of the carton packaging, if need to box the customers must contact us prior to purchase.

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Customers also need box note box price 2 yuan of money each need to buy oh!

Product Name: rope dressing Tactic dog

Qty: 60 / box, color: pink, white, purple, brown, khaki

Oh, product features: walk on all fours, twisted ass and singing. The characteristics of this kind of dog is you can be free to hold in the hand control switch, as to our a lovely and beautiful but does not require us to take care of the pet dog, you can enjoy the dog fun.

3 AA batteries electric plush toys , hands or feet is according to the control switch (in each switch position have red music label). Lovely, beautiful color. Products are exported to all over the world, deeply consumer's affection, electric plush toys by quality fabrics production, glamorous color does not fade, internal bond coreless motors, movement, music, songs and taste everything. The entire product is plush toy shape beautiful, soft and comfortable feel and dynamic electric toys, let a person fondle admiringly, the popularity of products has been the focus of toys!

Yiwu Xin fan Toys Co., Ltd. own strong design department, we can meet the needs of different customers, you are creative, images and ideas or samples, we can for your design, proofing, production, products, we have to regulate the flow of commercial operation, very competitive prices, for your production with satisfactory products. customized toys, toy orders, customized toys, toys processing, customized gifts, gift orders, doll toy orders, customized plush toys, filling processing toys and so on

contact me QQ:978823862 1158685598 411304862

telephone: 0579-85292837 (15957977568 stores) (Miss Huang) 15928988656 (Lin Xiansheng)

Toys Co., Ltd. Yiwu Xin fan welcome your coming with us, our staff will continue to innovative products, pay special attention to the quality, each of our products before they leave the factory has twice the quality inspection, hope and each customer become long. If you have what good comments and suggestions are welcome to communicate with us, let us join hands for common development and progress. Mainly engaged in all kinds of toys , electric toys , plush toys , toy curiously , educational toys , filling toy , novelty toys , doll , electric and electronic toys, , voice activated toys , toys nano , toy panda , children toys . Holiday gifts , walking toy , head toy , humorous funny toy , electric mechanical toys, cartoon toys , film toy , cartoon toys , cheap toys , dog toys, radiant toys . In Yiwu toy wholesale market have a physical store sales, welcome customers to visit!

note: due to the particularity of electric plush toys , motor core inside the plastic extrusion, in the transportation way, weight (freight is larger than the container truck, all the goods are folded, our shipment will write fragile, hope that men love the cargo leave) the case occurred in one percent to two of the bad product rate is within the normal range, of course, many customers receive the goods is not a bad, bad times can purchase products in the next batch of first sent back, we repaired and you need to get back to you with the goods, the freight because most of the customers are to purchase back in, so freight shipments will take down. Not to say that we do not have to bear the quality of freight, oh, because we are manufacturers of direct volume based, a box of goods can not earn much money. So we can do nothing if we are unhappy about it. If we raise the price of each product 2-3 yuan, we can also do for you in place.

you satisfied with our products. Please give us praise oh! We need your support!

if you to have what do not understand do not understand the place, please feel free to contact us, we will immediately help you solve, do not arbitrarily give us bad review, we really don't hurt from Oh! Thank you all!

about delivery: in our store or website ordering list all is needs to push back a day delivery, because picking what takes time, and the delivery of foreign trade orders is temporary. Today is the shipping distribution are yesterday's list, it will also better inventory of customer needs the goods. The full 60 we are logistics, freight is cheaper, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are generally 10 a few dollars a box, far some of the city's 30-50 yuan about logistics is needs of their own home to take delivery of the goods. We usually less than FCL courier, SF, tact can. Freight can also be paid, but the delivery of the freight will be much higher than the logistics! So it is recommended that customers can choose to buy a box, you can also consult us which are selling more durable, can be more into some.

Established in 2012 Yiwu Xin fan Toys Co., Ltd. registered, Wang Wen Yiwu toy is our various, because Yiwu Hongwen toys the name has been registered the, so you and old customers can rest assured purchase. Our products and services without any change in Oh! Thank you for your long-term support !

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