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Cartoon dog flannel powerfulsticking hook commodity factory direct RS-5715 中文版|
Cartoon dog flannel powerfulsticking hook commodity factory direct RS-5715 Cartoon dog flannel powerfulsticking hook commodity factory direct RS-5715 Cartoon dog flannel powerfulsticking hook commodity factory direct RS-5715
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  • Updated: 2016-07-23 10:00
  • Cartoon flannel flower dog powerfulsticking hook with high quality plastic, cloth and strong adhesive production and become, product is non-toxic tasteless, good bearing capacity, durable, not easy to fall off. The appearance of delicate and beautiful, leading fashion, scientific and humanized design, effective storage, use more with the freedom of. Can be in the smooth surface of the wood, glass, tiles, steel, metal, plastic finishes, smooth and flat. A strong bond linked convenient installation, lasted for a long time, firm adhesion. Do not use in the soil wall. Grey wall. Cloth surface, used in a drop of water, water is easy to splash to moist surface, electric furnace of high temperature places do not use.
EXW Price:
160pcs ~1599pcs   ¥ 1.80 /pc
1600pcs ~15999pcs   ¥ 1.70 /pc
Above 16000pcs   ¥ 1.60 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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product information

Item no [ product No. ] :RS-5715

NAME [ product name: Cartoon Flower dog strong stick hook

OTY "Qty": 160 card

CBM "box volume": 0.06

Material "product": PS+metal+cloth

Color "color": Mixed

Weight [weight]: 39 grams a card

Packaging "packaging": Suck

W.G "gross weight":  7       kg

N. G [net weight]:      6.3    kg

SIZE [product size]: Long 8.5 * Wide 7.8 cm(single size


product description

Cartoon Flower dog strong stick hook made of high quality plastic and strong adhesive production,non-toxic, odorless, good loading capacity, durable, easy to fall off. The appearance of fine appearance, leading the fashion, science-friendly design, the effective storage, use more casual freedom. Smooth surface in wooden, glass, tile, stainless steel, metal, plastics and other smooth flat finish. Strong bond linked to easy installation, long duration, strong adhesion. Do not use in soil wall gray wall fabric and other surfaces, Do not use in water droplets, water easily splashed wet surface, electric stoves and other hot places, please do not use. Simple smooth geometry class, changing shape, practical and space-saving. Whether it is restrained and elegant European or Chinese-style decoration, patchwork embellished kitchen or any other corner of the bathroom, beautiful smart, make small space living color, add a beauty and creativity.


Viscose use
Smooth surface in wooden, glass, tile, stainless steel, metal and other smooth surfaces, plastic finishes and other smooth surface. Strong adhesive hook easy installation, long duration, strong adhesion.
1. Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the adhesive surface must be sufficiently dried;
Do not hand touch viscose face isolation 2. reveal the paper;
3. When the winter, contact adhesive surface slightly heated with a hair dryer a little;
4. Paste hard pressed to (be careful not to force too much, crushed Kazakhstan);


1. The adhesive surface wet, oil wax can not be pasted.;
2. Do not install location close to the fire source;
3. Install good 24 hours before use;
4. At 10 degrees below photo shows, first warmed in installation;
5. Hanging shall not exceed the maximum load;
6. watches, glassware or valuables Do not hang on the hook;
Can be attached to the wall in the bathroom, the effect has decorated the bathroom, you can hang towels, and other light small objects;
Installation Tips: hook standard load of about 3.0kg, can be affixed to any smooth surface (such as glass, ceramic tiles, paint surface), prior to installation, keep the stick surfaces clean, not dust or water vapor;

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