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Children's sunglasses glasses cartoon glasses sunglasses
Children's sunglasses glasses cartoon glasses sunglasses Children's sunglasses glasses cartoon glasses sunglasses Children's sunglasses glasses cartoon glasses sunglasses Children's sunglasses glasses cartoon glasses sunglasses
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Wenli jewelry
Main Products: Jewelry, hair ornaments, ornaments, bracelets, necklaces, earrings to spread the goods,
Contacts: Zhao Wenli
Mobile: 13757917234
WeChat: 13757917234
Address: 124 Xijing village, 23 Li

QQ:1762167587 customer service Tel: 13757917234. Yiwu City powe Agel Ecommerce Ltd website: www.ditanhuo.yiwugou.com welcome to Yiwu come to see the goods, before the phone

buy goods: a registered account (in the left corner of the site), and Taobao to buy goods in order, with Alipay or online payment, can not contact us bank remittance delivery,
company name: Yiwu city in powe Agel Ecommerce Ltd, the national enterprise credit information publicity system (Zhejiang) found in

-1 copy without title


mixed Tiara RMB 18 yuan / kg


mix of jewelry RMB:15 yuan / kg


bow hair RMB:25 yuan / kg

American Jewelry RMB:28 yuan / kg



high-end bow RMB:38 yuan / kg

mix head hoop RMB:15 yuan / kg

mix word folder RMB:0.25 yuan / month

alloy drill ring RMB2.3 yuan /

mixed ring RMB:2.6/


Korean jewelry RMB:25 yuan / kg

Style and color mixed

buyers order must

shop flagship in Jin said jewelry] the highest cost-effective accessories, to ensure that lower than the factory price of 2-3 times. According to pounds every day to the new goods, not each picture, so and on the site not exactly the same, hair goods and on the web site of the similar class styles slue. There are 15 yuan a pound adult jewelry, 25 yuan a pound of adult jewelry, children's jewelry 25 yuan a pound, 28 yuan a pound of Europe and the United States jewelry, exaggerated Earrings 28 yuan a pound. Several times lower than the factory price, whether you are the owner of the large wholesalers or jewelry or as gifts, stall, dumped goods have high profits! Style very much, perennial with dozens of tons of large quantities of goods in stock, welcome!
shop sale as a selling jewelry] guaranteed to be less than the factory price, according to the is is in the picture style mixed hair. According to a necklace, earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments, rings, pendants, jade and other kinds of slue, specifically to see our shop according to the classification of jewelry, the price is low, only the store sale, sole source, only this one!

[ according to Jin said jewelry and by selling jewelry introduced ] adult accessories 15 yuan a pound 1. sold to domestic customers: all adult accessories, general each box are already mixed, a box of 20 kg, 20 kg batch of. Necklace, hair accessories, jewelry, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry (now the default hair more, other accessories, if necessary, please take the goods when buyers a message, we will in accordance with your request picking). We are together a few tons of cargo tally, each box are not the same, very many styles. About 5% of the bad rate, the original price of 1000 yuan a box of jewelry, we have a box of 20 kg only 300 yuan, throw away a lot of.2. are also very cost-effective to sell foreign customers: one time to get more than 500 pounds of goods can be based on customer specific needs of the country to take goods.

adult accessories 25 yuan a catty all accessories for adults, are in accordance with the majority of customers have been mixed, 25 yuan a catty, 10 pounds a box on the group. Inside the main fine necklace, followed by earrings, bracelet, head ornaments, style very much, high price!

children's jewelry 25 yuan a catty all children's jewelry, is has been mixed, 10 pounds a box on the batch, a box are children's hair ornaments, such as hairpins, BB folder, cartoon elastic cloth, hair ornaments, etc. styles slue. In western style is the main

adult accessories 28 yuan a catty , necklaces, earrings, bracelet and so on, all is exaggerated, a bit heavier, suitable for foreign and domestic sales comparison personality, unique shops, ear the exaggeration of

28 yuan a catty all is exaggerated some earrings, ultra cheap price for foreign sales and the comparison of the personality and characteristics of the store.

by selling jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair ornaments, jade pendants, pendants and other species abundance, the quality is very good, the sole source, which is lower than the factory price!

order common problems

Q: according to pounds of jewelry is on the site of goods?

A : leftover a lot of one or only a few, sold out and is new goods, constantly changing, class and on the website almost, most of the time spent in looking for a higher price products, rarely change the picture, even put the picture and immediately mixed in which box face, we are randomly send the box packed goods.

ask: can be cheaper?

answer: the shop is the highest cost-effective products, depends on the amount, profit is very low, a large number of delivery also don't bargain can be our application for membership, cumulative amount more and more discount more.

original factory price of 1000 yuan a box of jewelry, a box of mixed poop was 300 yuan 20 pounds. To give customers the highest profit, win-win cooperation

asked: 15 yuan a pound of 1 pounds of several jewelry accessories

Most of ornaments are 10 -20 a few grams a few grams of most, long necklace 50 grams. A small box will be equipped to sell, sell better, if only to stud number is very much, but can not sell. We are the same goods in general than ex factory price cheap several times
of course sometimes more and sometimes small multi point
stochastic comparison, major general also sell price some

asked: 15 yuan and 25 yuan. What is the difference?

Answer: most of the 15 yuan is plastic, resin, acrylic and other materials, metal materials. Most of the 25 yuan is mainly alloy material

Q: can I Alipay payment?

can use Alipay payment,

but we because Weihuo 15 yuan a catty about 5% of the defective goods rate, 25 yuan because of the alloy, about rate of about 5% of the defective goods. By the large quantity, low profits, do not return

Q: how do I take the goods?

about making goods: 15 yuan to the site to casually take even a 15 yuan a catty, default send mixed known (that is, the necklace earrings, hair ornaments, and other mixed in a box of 20 pounds) not shoot the necklace single 20 jins necklace, shoot Earrings single Earring

similarly to 25 yuan is just 25 which one is mixed, 25 yuan is 10 pounds a box.

need to send express freight please contact customer service fill express price. Freight forwarding freight to fill 0, freight to pay.

perennial spot

tens of thousands of styles of foreign poop accessories, ultra low price, 3000 yuan 200 kg free to join

One tenth of the many ornaments only the ex factory price, only a few cents a lot of small earrings, necklaces, mostly only a few hairs around. Let the franchisee granted to others is also a great profit space, not to mention the retail.

we and thousands of factories perennial maintain cooperation, long-term stable supply of adequate, styles gradually changing, species richness.

Outside the to join their own shop, development of the surrounding area or to join to the wholesale are very good profit margins, welcome to Yiwu goods

on freight and express:

first with a box of 20 pounds of jewelry as an example: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai need to express fee of 15 yuan. Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Beijing, Tianjin and other places courier fee 48 yuan, other parts of the proposed freight. Freight to look at the place far and near, 20 kg of jewelry in the more than 10-20. In particular, the place is likely to be around 30 yuan or so. Freight 0, freight is to be paid. You need to take delivery of the goods, to the city or county where you will call to inform you to take delivery of goods.

Company profile

Yiwu city powe Agel Ecommerce Ltd: is located in Yiwu International Trade City 5 District 5 building 70667 stalls

The registered capital of 1 million

business license

store real

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