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New blue fine silk socks with silk stockings and silk stockings. 中文版| Report Item
New blue fine silk socks with silk stockings and silk stockings. New blue fine silk socks with silk stockings and silk stockings. New blue fine silk socks with silk stockings and silk stockings.
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  • Updated: 2018-04-03 13:56
  • Summer ultra - thin core wire mesh silk stockings anti - silk manufacturers direct sale of sexy black silk stockings on foot.
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Above 360pcs   ¥ 3.50 /pc
120pcs ~359pcs   ¥ 4.00 /pc
6pcs ~119pcs   ¥ 5.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Packing and return packaging description:

Both blue and blue dream packaging are the factory's own brand, packaging random hair, do not accept the remarks packaging. We do not accept the return and exchange of goods due to packing.


During the activity of our shop, all orders are supplied according to the order color and quantity.Do not accept the color or model of remarks.


Our shop is mainly wholesale, retail price is not negotiable.Refuse to return to pay! The products can be returned for no reason within 2 days after receipt of the goods. The postage is self-care, and the products have been removed from the shelves. We have the right to refuse to accept the express delivery. If you need to send any other express, please make your own remarks and contact the customer service for the difference. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan we only pay in full.More than 10 items will be put on the list. Please check the quantity again and sign for the receipt. A few of us will put it on the list, and don't sign for it and tell us a few. We will carefully check the quality before shipping, try not to make appear quality problem, logistics information display sign for it the day after no response quality problems, shall be regarded as no quality problem, if there are quality issues on the day of the contact customer service, please send back to you within 24 hours and provide a single number, not refund don't change over time. Please buy a sample of dear friends. We do not take personal preference, the size is not suitable, color difference, the description is not consistent with the quality problem, mind you do not beat! Magnifying glass MM. Avoid unnecessary disputes. Please read the order carefully before placing the order. Have a nice shopping!


Occasionally, due to lack of labor, too many shipments, etc., the products are not ready. Please consult customer service before ordering. The goods will be delivered before four o 'clock that day. Thank you very much!!


Special explanation: xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, guangxi, guizhou hair parcel post.

The rest of the area is sent by express delivery.



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Product name: silk is not checked to protect the silk pantyhose.

Features: good legs. Resistance wire

Thickness: 15D ultrathin.

Style: add a file to make the toes more transparent.

Ingredients: nylon 84.5%. Spandex 15.5%


1. Using multi-strand ultrafine fiber raw silk weaving,

Compared to ordinary silk stockings,

With better smoothness and comfort,

Effective care of the legs of every inch of skin.


2. Reticulate, not easy to hook,

It is stronger and more durable than the general core wire.

3. The length is long enough for 160-180cm.

Summer thin silk stockings, with a new Italian textile technology, anti-hook silk knitting, super elasticity! The toe is transparent (socks toes and stockings are one body, are small rhomboid pattern) the bottom of tights is wear-resistant velvet material four corners shorts design! Thin diamond pattern design, work, leisure and entertainment are suitable!







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