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Home stay disposable hotel supplies hotel slippers wholesale home stay water ripple antiskid slippers
Home stay disposable hotel supplies hotel slippers wholesale home stay water ripple antiskid slippers Home stay disposable hotel supplies hotel slippers wholesale home stay water ripple antiskid slippers Home stay disposable hotel supplies hotel slippers wholesale home stay water ripple antiskid slippers
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  • Updated: 2020-03-19 14:08
  • About Product:Suitable for use in high-end home stay, business hotels
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Hongshanshu Home Textiles Firm
Main Products: Hotel supplies, quilt cover, pillowcase, towel, bath towel, slippers, toothbrush, comb, shower cap, soap, disposable toothbrush, chair cover, four-piece set
Contacts: Jianggensheng
Mobile: 17826966902
E-mail: ywhss@163.com
WeChat: 17826966902
Address: 61215, 3 Street, 2F, South connected building Gate, International Trade Mart (District 5),Yiwu,China
Address: 义乌市义北工业园区永康路56号

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           Hongshanshu hotel supplies co., LTD. Is located in yiwu city with beautiful scenery and famous domestic and foreign small commodity market. Our factory is an enterprise with more than ten years of experience in producing tourist products. Professional production and sales are high.In the.Low - end hotel room disposable articles and supporting bedding articles. Mainly includes:Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, combs, slippers, shampoo, shower fluid, conditioner, lotion, shower cap, shoe cloth, sewing kit, matches, tea bag, ball-point pen, pen, shaver (cream), cotton swabs, nail file, cup mat, gift bags, laundry bags, garbage bags, trays, trash can, service guide, signs, face towel, towel, bath towel, towel, bedspread, bed sheets, quilt, quilt cover, pillow core, pillowcases, mattress, blankets, shower curtain, etc. Hotel guest room supplies and compressed towel, men's and women's underwear, men and women lotion, contraceptives and other hotels paid supplies. 

Yiwu redwood hotel supplies co. LTD Professional production and sales of various high school star hotel disposable products 

Contact: being fostered fostered QQ: 2850672533/2850672534/2850672535 fostered fostered fostered
They are always busy at the same time


There are too many kinds of disposable products in hotels. Every hotel has different requirements on the quality and price of the products

[related matters]

1Can you only buy a complete set of your company's products

A: no, you can buy a single product in the suit series, such as a toothbrush, soap, comb, etc.
2May I have a look at the actual samples of your company
A: sure. The product pictures on our website are all taken in kind, and the company has samples in kind. If you want to see the samples, we can send them to you by express for free. If the sample is needed, a certain amount of proofing fee will be charged. The original amount of proofing fee will be returned after placing an order.
3Can we design and produce the products according to our requirements

A: that's all right. We have professional designers here who will give you careful design. After the design is satisfied, you can place an order for production.

4What advantages does your company have over other similar companies

Answer: our factory in the national hotel supplies capital hangzhou set, large-scale, large - scale production

5What are the advantages of your product in terms of price

A: our business model is self-production and self-marketing. Advanced equipment and sufficient personnel. And our company has always insisted on factory price sales, small profit and large sales.

6Is the quality of your products guaranteed
A: you can rest assured of that! Every product of our company has passed the inspection and inspection of national quality inspection center (with test report) and our company has joined the consumer protection agreement.
7How long is the production cycle of your company's products
A: the goods will be delivered within 10-15 days after the deposit is paid. (please inform us in advance if you rush the goods)

[payment terms]

   The first cooperation shall be paid in advance30%Deposit, no problem after the production of the product after delivery, before the payment of goods.

[delivery method]
   1, express (includingems, shentong, sf express, zto, yto express) :1-3Around the sky (jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai)1Day, outside the province2Days)
    2And logistics:1-7Day (more orders choose logistics economy is cost-effective, the next day in jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai, according to different regions of freight time2-7Days)

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