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Scenic tourist hot 2017 cute adorable adorable pink chicken chicken chicken fortune selling
Scenic tourist hot 2017 cute adorable adorable pink chicken chicken chicken fortune selling Scenic tourist hot 2017 cute adorable adorable pink chicken chicken chicken fortune selling Scenic tourist hot 2017 cute adorable adorable pink chicken chicken chicken fortune selling Scenic tourist hot 2017 cute adorable adorable pink chicken chicken chicken fortune selling
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  • Updated: 2018-09-21 14:24
EXW Price:
Above 2400pcs   ¥ 0.55 /pc
1200pcs ~2399pcs   ¥ 0.60 /pc
100pcs ~1199pcs   ¥ 0.67 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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product name; sell adorable rich chicken

color pink purple ;

packing number; 100/ package, 2400/ box

Please read the < the contract is > the default is to agree to the following terms!
contract on the delivery note:

  • A please contact our customer service staff to confirm whether the product is available.
  • B when ordering please contact customer service to modify the freight, small goods generally send express, the default for Huitong express. If need other express, please with customer service. Larger volumes of goods suggest that the logistics and general cargo freight we only estimate, only for reference, actual or root according to freight charges prevail!!
  • C after a single payment within 48 hours of delivery, because the front there are a lot of single row and many of the guests need to fill up beat, change of address, so we'll order after recurrent! But we will arrange shipment as soon as possible, I hope you understand! If you have other unforeseen circumstances, we will want to inform messages, please be aware of it.

2 about the product:

  • A all products will pass through the middle, postpartum, issued a number of pre inspection, fully qualified before delivery, but all kinds of uncertainties will lead to the loss of product features, we can only guarantee the qualified rate of 2%, the 98% is exempt.
  • B product picture 95% above self. Compared to the real reflect the product itself, but because of the light, shooting the level of other factors may lead to a slight difference in the pictures and in kind. Due to market changes and other factors, the plant may adjust the product and the packaging of the color, packaging, etc., please prevail.
  • The toy C our high quality and inexpensive, value for money Oh, some buyers get goodsthatwork some rough, flawed, not a good material, and imagine different and so on, but these are not a quality problem, no matter what stuff are not perfect in every respect, we each product is making plans to upload station, too picky buyers when buying, please forgive me, please consider and see the unknown, please contact us......

3 on receipt

  • Please be sure to check the quantity of the goods, the packing is in good condition. If there is any damage, please consult with the logistics company for compensation. If you do not have any questions, you will not be responsible for any problems.
  • Please (or other collection of goods) must be and express delivery and logistics personnel check goods quantity and appearance (this is your right), such as the number of incorrect or the appearance damage, please courier signature confirmation.

Question 1, courier refused to together to open check
solution: Express single after you sign for to take good, to check after then returned to the courier
problem 2, the courier refused signature confirmation of the number of the missing
solution: you wrote down his telephone number and name can be
4. With regard to the carriage of the

  • Transport is completed by the third party logistics company, we can not control. Transport time by the weather, vehicle arrangements, transportation conditions and many other factors, we and your estimated time of transport, for reference only, not as the contents of the contract, nor as a reason to return.
  • We can not control the delivery and logistics company, our customer service staff is given to estimate the arrival time is only a possible time, we can not guarantee the goods can arrive at any time, we can do is to send the goods as soon as possible, those who refuse to accept the goods on the grounds of late, we do not accept. So please buyers especially cautious buyers are in urgent need of the goods and remote areas buyers consider time risk in the purchase before, please also respect our work, different from the wholesale Taobao Taobao, only a small package, and the need to use a variety of different goods wholesale together packing, each shipment contains our customer service staff, staff, packaging personnel, delivery personnel common hard work, but there are very few bad customers have been issued in the goods, even have safe arrival at the destination, but not receiving, do not match, just request a refund for this situation, the customer must bear the cost of goods, and will play 30 percent off a refund, because we have also sent back to pick up, then must be the product of a classified.

5 on sale

  • A broken: for transport reasons lead to the damage liability will not by our bear (recommended choice Debon, Jiaji, such as insurance logistics). But we have the obligation to do everything possible to help customers solve this problem, we will use the logistics double layer packaging, cushion cushion, compact and other way to avoid the occurrence of damage. Please be sure to check the quantity and appearance (this is your right), such as the number of people and the appearance of the goods, please sign the confirmation of the signature.
  • B return: We in principle does not accept return (product outgoing quality problems may negotiate a replacement, but the resulting transport costs required by the buyer is responsible for, we all quotations are not containing any fees to the ex factory price)
  • The product itself quality problems lead to the product itself due to the loss of function, we will be returned goods processing, please within 7 days after receipt of the goods will be product feedback to us. If it exceeds the time limit without any feedback after-sales problems, will not be accepted. Please quality problems of products accumulated 20 kilograms above the general logistics returned received return products after we will in the next time a customer purchase will exchange with the issue (unable to accept the next shipment with freight by the customer self-care. Buyers need to guarantee returned back to the appearance of the product can not affect the second sale our, otherwise do not accept a replacement!

Note: the mail must inform the station to want service!!!

  • Due to the special nature of the toy products, and household appliances can not be mentioned in the same breath, so we are all sold toys are not to implement the three package policies, such as the use of the problem, I do not bear any responsibility, such as in the scope of my ability to help solve these problems, but all the relevant expenses incurred by the customer to bear. Special products according to our customer service staff and customers to reach the relevant agreements.
  • Most of the products in question can be the replacement of batteries, battery placement, thread connection... And simple way to solve, the buyer can to us for toys maintenance consulting, selling toys to repair toys.
  • Other such as sales volume is not good, there is no imagination, without the close-up in unauthorized repair or modification, not according to the normal method of use or storage, beyond after-sales service time or are not familiar with the product in operation does not reach the designated position, etc. non product quality problems, we will not provide returns!
  • Please read the above terms carefully, and take effect from the time of ordering. If there is any objection, please contact our staff to confirm the order.
  • Quality is better, the price is more favorable is our unremitting efforts of the target! We hope that our hard work can be understood and recognized, and finally I wish you a happy shopping!

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