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style kaki dog cartoon Hot water bottle without water can be disassembled, washed and sold directly by the manufacturer 中文版| Report Item
 style kaki dog cartoon Hot water bottle without water can be disassembled, washed and sold directly by the manufacturer  style kaki dog cartoon Hot water bottle without water can be disassembled, washed and sold directly by the manufacturer  style kaki dog cartoon Hot water bottle without water can be disassembled, washed and sold directly by the manufacturer
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  • Updated: 2018-10-18 10:52
  • Toy material: plush whether import: no brand: warm heart rated voltage: 220v rated power: 50hz
EXW Price:
Above 100pcs   ¥ 16.50 /pc
20pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 17.00 /pc
1pcs ~19pcs   ¥ 18.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Yufeng household goods is located in yiwu, zhejiang province, which is known as \"the ocean of small commodities\". As one of China's major department stores wholesalers, yufeng produces and sells creative general merchandise of daily necessities.

The spring and summer season main variety of women fan: incense wood fan women fan (group fan) Juan fan (men fan) travel fan paper fan feather fan kongming fan advertising fan

Fall and winter season: tianxin rubber hot water bag warm heart card charging cartoon electric warm treasure, style novel and diverse
Hanbiao daily necessities factory has been developing in a creative and practical way, so that our products can be provided to each customer in a more convenient and efficient way, and the high quality products at low prices are contributed. Let customers more profit space. Develop together with our customers. Make it more convenient for customers to find the products they need. From procurement to production to sales, each style is strictly required in workmanship and has never been taken lightly. Our goal is to really do without worry after sales. Each of our products is through strict screening, application review, must be tested by the market, consumers to buy the hot style, hot. All styles are shot in kind, with clear details. Let customers understand the product more intuitively.
Purpose: we adhere to the principle of \"excellent quality, low price and excellent service\", let our customers get rich first, let consumers happy

Product information:

[commodity material] short wool (or PVC) + electronic components. The style is available for customers to choose
[commodity packaging] each hot water bottle has a separate OPP bag to prevent contamination and damage on the way of delivery. Our products have high safety performance. Automatic temperature control and high-temperature and over-temperature protection are adopted to ensure safety performance. When charging temperature of 68 ~ 75 ℃ can power itself, safe and reliable
[heartwarming reminder] customers who need to fill water need to add the cost of water injection and packaging, because the weight of water injected will be changed, and the freight shall be calculated again
Product instructions:

(1) unzip the electric heating bag when charging Put the table flat, insert the power line into the warm bag socket first, and then connect the power (do not operate contrary)!!! (2) after power on, the indicator lights up, warm bag work began to heat up, when the internal temperature of warm bag (68 ~ 75 ℃), the light is extinguished, heating up to stop work. To ensure safety, the power cord must be unplugged from the bag body and the power socket after power off.  (3) according to personal needs, do not wait for the indicator light to go out. After reaching the required requirements with personal touch, remove the power cord and stop heating.  (4) when the warmer bag set highest temperature range (68 ~ 75 ℃), the power supply automatically disconnect, warm bag stop heating work. After the temperature of the heating bag falls to the temperature range set by the product itself, the next charge can be continued, which makes the product more secure and reliable. (5)In the process of charging, if discover warm bag surface temperature is too high (above 76 ℃) continues to heat up, and the bag body has obvious expansion (slightly inflation belongs to the normal phenomenon), please immediately without electricity, in case of danger 
Matters needing attention:
(1) after charging, please disconnect the power supply. Do not connect the warm bag with the power supply for a long time, and pull the power cord out of the power socket. (2) when charging, please wait as far as possible to avoid accidents caused by too long charging time. (3) do not touch the live power cord and warm bag when charging. (4) the heating liquid shall be added once, and shall not be poured out. (5) it is strictly prohibited to beat or squeeze the product by strong force, and it is strictly forbidden to prick the surface of the warm bag to prevent the surface from breaking and causing leakage of electricity and liquid. (6) when the liquid in the warm bag is frozen, it cannot be used. After the ice melts, the warm bag surface and socket hole can be used normally after drying. (7) if the surface is stained or damaged, the cleaning liquid can be scrubbed with soft cloth, and strong solution (such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.) should be avoided. Do not soak warm bags in water to clean. (8) after using for a long period of time, if the heating time is found to be over, and the temperature has not reached the set temperature or there is obvious expansion of the bag body, the heating shall be stopped.

Brief explanation:Hot water bottle with various types and accessories (including hot water bottle, wire, water plug and water funnel)

Special note: hot water bottle disposable water, long-term use, after changing water is not heating, remember!

Freight note: the freight is borne by the buyer, zhejiang huanhui 1 kg within 5 yuan, the amount of delivery logistics freight to pay, bulk goods generally by express.

Packing instructions: the above prices are not filled with water and do not contain the gift box packaging. If you need the gift box, please contact the customer service and buy another 1.5 gift boxes

Main Products: (Warm heart) electric warm treasure ho horse rubber hot water bottle fragrant wood fan. Female fan. Spanish fan. Men Juan fan
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