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Our hair hoop tribute concert props fluorescent rabbit ears glow toy noctilucent stick head hoop accessories 中文版
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  • Updated: 2018-04-20 09:22
  • Suggested retail price: $5.00 brand: other article number: no material: plastic processing custom: the props categories: light card printing LOGO: been can not patent sources: if no import: no size: fluorescent hairpin foil packets processing method: if other foreign trade: is
EXW Price:
Above 30000pcs   ¥ 1.35 /pc
300pcs ~29999pcs   ¥ 1.40 /pc
10pcs ~299pcs   ¥ 1.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Lanxi Mingliang Toys Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Fluorescent stick, fluorescent glasses, fluorescent bracelet, fluorescent props, luminous toys, such as cotton pulled sand toys
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In the whole promotion, the recovery of the original price.
Special price: RMB1.05
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Special price: RMB1.30
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This price is one set of price in bag, with 3 sticks +1 hair card accessories.

 Please do not compare with the cheap price in the market. We have a long time of luminescence, high luminance and low defective rate. The quality is completely different. You can buy some comparisons and you'll know.


Name: fluorescent hair card.

Specification: 5 mm * 200 mm

Main material: fluorescent liquid glass tube plastic.

Notes:Because the liquid chemicals in the phosphors are packed in polyethylene (plastic), they do not cause too much harm to the human body. Because the light emitted by the fluorescent rods is the non-radioactive light emitted by the chemical reaction that stimulates the dye, rather than the light emitted by the radioactive dye, it does not harm the human body. But we also to nowadays some people to follow, will our broken, his practice to apply the liquid inside the opposition, because our chemicals in direct contact with skin may cause certain damage to human body. Be careful not to let children eat.

That are fluorescent substances can damage the body, because in some luminous watches, emergency lights, etc used in the mine are radioactive material, make the dye glow in the dark, so people also used a radioactive material, as our form the cognitive errors. The way that consumers can identify whether a luminous product is radioactive is that it lasts longer and has less light intensity. The duration of the non-radiating light is shorter.

The liquid in the fluorescent stick is not edible, and has certain adhesion. If leakage: easy to pollute furniture, floor, clothing, skin and so on, if the above situation must be washed timely; If the liquid in the fluorescent stick enters the eye, wash or seek medical treatment with clean water.

 Therefore, it is forbidden to use a knife or scissors to break the plastic pipe of the fluorescent rod; It is strictly forbidden to twist the fluorescent rod to prevent the leakage of liquid in the fluorescent stick.



Baby description:

  • Make hair card: concert, party, the perfect props on karaoke, let you free your hands are also so extraordinary!
  • A string of fluorescent ring, can hang when camping in tents, backpacks, trees, and any place you want others to find you, small and light, do not need to fire, even the night march or visibility is very low, can easily deal with!
  • Usage:  The liquid in the fluorescent stick is immediately mixed, and the fluorescence can last for more than two hours.

Zhejiang lanxi bright toys co., LTD., located in zhejiang lanxi town, gainesville, investment company, founded in 2009, is a chemical glo-sticks, luminous glow toys, electronic toys, emergency products, light decoration, wedding gifts for the form a complete set, set design, production, sales in one of the toy company.
 The company has more than 100 employees and equipped with automatic production line and other production equipment with advanced technology. Relying on professional team, rigorous management and excellent quality, the company focuses on building chemiluminescent products and novelty toy brands.
   With excellent professional skills and warm and thoughtful after-sales service, Quality first, customer first. Innovate and keep on going. For the purpose of the enterprise, the brand trees, to stand up, to add luster to the world, to China!


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