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New style beach rafting beach wrist double pipe pump backpack water gun toys 中文版| Report Item
New style beach rafting beach wrist double pipe pump backpack water gun toys New style beach rafting beach wrist double pipe pump backpack water gun toys New style beach rafting beach wrist double pipe pump backpack water gun toys
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  • Updated: 2018-06-07 16:59
  • About Product:Specification :other item no. : water cannon toy packaging method: color box age: infants (0-2 years old) are exclusively for foreign trade: yes (this product is only for foreign trade, may not meet the domestic product standards. Within the territory of the buyer, please cautious to buy) color: wrist nozzle, color duck, saks bubble gun, water gun, crossbow captain water gun, water gun, water gun, 219 amphibious sand water gun nozzle, looks like water gun, star nozzle, four bottles of water gun, dual nozzle spray, cs lengthened, nozzle 】 【 222 nozzle, tap water gun, water gun, 1229 1124 water gun, water gun, 1228 fist hand water gun, bear backpack nozzle bird
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Carton: 34 * 77 * 77

A case of 480 -

The color is multicoloured immediately

17 * 10 cm

Gross weight: 16   Net weight: 14






Cartoon animals with bubble bubbles

A box of 480 pieces, with sling and bubble liquid


A box of bubble man vest squirt guns


Single-tube cartoon head suction nozzle

A box of 144 sizes, 40cm in length and 67cm in length

Product name: fist single pipe nozzle 240 sizes: 68cm long


Product size :25*6*13CM

Product weight :68 grams

Product packaging :OPP bag packaging

Packing number: 252   Packing specification: 75*39*90CM

Product size: 25*12*4

Gross weight: 20 Net weight: 18

Product physical details: 1229









Product size: 22*6*14CM

Product weight: 68 grams

Product packaging: OPP bag packaging

Packing quantity: 252 per case

Product physical details picture: 1228

Product name: bareheaded water gun

Product color: pink/light yellow/green (no specified color is acceptable)

Product style: pull-out

Product packing :200/ carton  A single OPP pack

Product weight: about 120 grams

Product features: transparent color water pipe, maximum water capacity X g Maximum range is 10 meters.


Product instructions: in cool summer, water rafting, beach play and other necessary recreational toys water gun. This product has a large storage capacity of X g and a long range. Full irrigation will reach 10 meters, the height of the three-storey houses about the height. Spraying saliva is thicker. Be sure not to spray on the face to avoid hurting the other person. The storage tube is about 36 centimeters long and has a total storage capacity of X grams. The impoundment method is manual suction. Injection water injection is by manual extrusion. The style is straight tube, the pipe body is transparent color design. It is a water cannon with high cost performance.

The hot summer has come. Let's take this water gun and declare war on the heat. In this hot summer, can bring silky cool, and happy mood ~

Let it help you find the happiness of youth! Swim with your family and children this summer!


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