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Glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter toy 中文版| Report Item
Glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter toy Glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter toy Glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter ball glitter toy
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  • Updated: 2018-06-07 08:26
  • Suggested retail price: $5.00 brand: double wei luminous toy type: light-emitting doll applicable age: 0 to 6 months of origin: yiwu applicable people: whether any imports, domestic packaging: color box toy material: plastic/plastic ability: visual item no: 2 h - guide if there is a video: whether is dedicated to foreign trade: is (this goods for trade purposes, only could do not accord with standard of domestic products. Color: the main downstream platform of the smiley ball is aliexpress. The main selling area of amazon is Europe and North America
EXW Price:
Above 576pcs   ¥ 1.11 /pc
96pcs ~575pcs   ¥ 1.16 /pc
24pcs ~95pcs   ¥ 1.21 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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 Friendly reminder: the built-in electronic collision of the elastic crystal ball will be on normally for 3-5 hours. If it is not on, the quality problem will not be solved according to the price

The price is 1.0 PCS

Colors mixed hair       Color box size: 36*25*6     24 pieces per boxPacking number: 576 Packing specification: 77*37.5*50CM    5 cm in diameter

Claim: the soft material has a slight taste and should be taken with caution. Built-in electronic inside the transport hard to avoid a collision of the individual is not bright or get a flat tire this is belongs to the normal range, not as a refund reason, decided the product itself, hope to understand, shopping required, multiples to buy a box of 24 according to 24


This product introduction 】 【 elastic ball on the other side of the ring set set after the baby finger, baby can throw or any pat, xiaomao ball will shine, can hang on baby head of a bed, flash is very interesting!

Put a small circle on your finger, then go up and down, swing left and right, swing right and hold it, adults play very interesting, children play very interesting, you can practice coordination ability

There is also a small luminescent device inside the ball, which will flash after the force

How to play: the small hand put into the small lifting ring, a shot of the ball will be followed by a flash of colored lights, very beautiful, hard to fall it, tear it will not damage it. Very strong. During the day when the ball is playing, at night when a colorful light more beautiful.

The electronics in this model are disposable and cannot be replaced.

Various colors, random delivery order!undefined






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