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Cargo bags available in stock student moving bags luggage bags 52*40*20 printed hand woven bags 中文版| Report Item
Cargo bags available in stock student moving bags luggage bags 52*40*20 printed hand woven bags Cargo bags available in stock student moving bags luggage bags 52*40*20 printed hand woven bags
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  • Updated: 2018-08-15 17:01
  • Origin: whether yiwu import: no processing custom: is purpose: environmental protection bag surface profile: a bottom with lateral supply type: can be customized specifications: 52 * 40 * 20 mm) (mm * printing LOGO: can't style: handbags, folding bag color: color butyl cloth packing: null, 10 a bundle of 24 bundle into a woven bag size (a)
EXW Price:
Above 500pcs   ¥ 6.50 /pc
100pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 7.50 /pc
10pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 8.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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brand Pp hand woven bag



 Over 10 wholesale prices (yuan)

Wholesale price of over 100 pieces (yuan)

Wholesale price of over 500 pieces (yuan)

52 * 40 * 20




62 * * 24 42 




70 * * 24 42




83 * * 24 42





Can be customized according to customer size     

E-mail: 390202001 @qq.com

Tel/WeChat: 13757955015

QQ: 390202001



A bag around ten yuan is a consumable item. Please follow the above instructions carefully

You must see it!

1. Don't pull the chain when it is too full. You need to put the bag together with your foot and then pull it. (with brute force, the bag and zipper will open.)

When the bag is loaded, you have to carry two ropes to move the bag.

 (avoid opening the bag) 

3. In particular, the zipper port should not bear the weight! No pulling! 

 (the lower the price of bags in this shop, the more attention should be paid to this place.) 

You must not lift the bag by one rope, you must lift two ropes at the same time

 (the rope is designed for the bottom of the pocket so that it can bear weight and will not break. If it is carried by a single rope, it will break!)

5. Do not contain sharp objects and fragile objects 

(a squeeze on a sharp object can puncture a bag.)

 We attach great importance to every comment you make! If there is any discrepancy between the goods you receive and your expectation, please contact our store in time (mong wang, QQ are ok), we will try our best to achieve your satisfaction! Please do not give the Chinese rating and poor rating easily, thank you for your cooperation!

Warm reminder

Because use reason belongs to wear and tear product, please note the following points, cannot accept please careful start!

1. The product quality, cheap run quantity product due to cost issues, as supermarkets do, we have no way to do it carefully crafted individual existence coarse phenomenon such as cable head pressure or edge is not neat, also please understand but never affected use, please rest assured Please be careful about asking guests to do so!

2. Usage problem: this product is non-woven fabric or non-woven fabric. Although thick, it is not allowed to tear or stick hard objects or sharp objects with edges and corners.

3. Color problem: the shipment of large color can not guarantee complete, we follow the requirement to try to meet the principle of no random distribution

We only guarantee that the goods will be delivered to you in good condition, and we will not handle the problems and disputes caused by the above three points. If received is found to have the quality problem in detail, please receiving within 48 hours (will be subject to sign the bill time) for the first time contact us, we will give you an instant satisfaction of processing, thank you for your understanding!

 Please make sure the buyer has read it carefully: the store will pack all the goods sold carefully and carefully, but will not be responsible for any damage to the parcel on the way. Buyers receive the express mail, please check the outer packing whether there is a serious loss of pressure traces or damaged, the number of items purchased and is in line with the problems such as goods, if you have any question, please call us before the delivery agent face to face or refuse to sign for it and back on the spot, if once signed back found any problem, no matter any reason (if not the sign for it, didn't see, etc), we shall not be liable for any!!!!!


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