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Candy colored ABS hair accessories diy handiwork hair accessories dress petal material accessories multi-color optional 中文版|
Candy colored ABS hair accessories diy handiwork hair accessories dress petal material accessories multi-color optional
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  • Updated: 2020-02-06 09:10
  • About Product:Other producing area: zhejiang color: multi-color optional
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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1. About how many batches, do you support mixed batch? Is there an amount limit? How about the freight?
A: all the products in accordance with the above starting batch can, the amount is not limited, support mixed batch, support alipay transactions! every
We have specified the weight of each product, and the freight system will calculate automatically when shooting. Please contact us if you have any questions
Customer service
2. Are the products on the shelf available? What if we run out of stock?
A: all of our products are sold from stock. All the products available on the page are in stock. Please rest assured
Buy it. Due to the variety of products, the daily sales volume is large, some products were not removed in time to cause the situation of out of stock
Please understand, we will contact you by phone or want news in time and deal with it.
3. Can we also choose styles and colors?
A: when the product is on the shelf, it has been set whether you can choose the style and color
Yes, if there is any special need, please specify it in the remarks. We will try our best to do as you need, but
Lack of color, can only give you random hair oh! Please forgive me!
4, I do not have to pay treasure, excuse me can the bank remit money?
Answer: we recommend to use pay treasure, pay for goods two safety, also convenient after shopping, accept a bank to remit inconvenient really
Before remittance, please take the baby and note the bank remittance, so that we can give you the goods when we receive the payment
Deliver the goods as soon as possible. Please contact your alibaba account, remittance bank and amount via wangwang or mobile phone after remittance
We, we check the payment, check the goods and arrange the delivery.
5. Please do not give a middle or low rating
Answer: no matter you encounter service or commodity quality problem, as long as contact us after sale wangwang, we will certainly active guest
Look to help you solve, never escape any responsibility. It is useless for both the buyer and the seller to give a medium or low rating at every turn
We hope to keep every friend who likes this product and solve your practical problems.
Improve our service level, we hope every customer, can have a happy online shopping experience!

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